Brave Now Compiles for ARM!

See issue here:

Can’t wait to try it out!

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anyone got this to run on the librem 5 yet ?

Yeah, I run the display at 150% otherwise the url/search bar is not large enough. It is fast and smooth. I just download the nightly .deb off of Github and install. Runs even better than the ungoogled-chromium flatpak.


I must be missing something, but the only .debs that I can find (at are for amd64. Where do you download the arm .debs from?

Thanks for any info,

Edit: found them - they are in only some of the 1.48.x series, in the builds which have a large number of assets - at least 72 I think. The most recent ones at the time of writing have 44 assets, and the arm .debs aren’t there. Hopefully the wrinkles will be sorted out in time and the arm builds will appear more reliably.

yeah actual releases would be good… but the nightly does work ok…

Yes! I’ve been waiting for this for a while. They need to do some more work on it still but this is a good sign. I have it running on my L5. It works reasonably well.