Breaking Ground – Purism

This is pretty accurate.


No, muon. They have not been consistent with that. That’s an old issue I’m not going to visit again. Don’t judge by these last posts. Go back and check. Bring a calendar with you please. The other problem is that some people from Purism (I think) go to other places to say something we would like to read about here ignoring the fact that this forum is the obvious place to publish a comment in between updates. Why do we need to chase Purism around the Internet to know something about something else? Wrong behavior. That’s why someone said here that some information should be at least copied here AFTER they are said somewhere else.


About L5, Caliga?:thinking:
And what happened after? We talked about this problem before. Were we making things up then?Oh well…

Y…you know that they’re a company and not a collective, right?

Yeah one of those people would probably be me. I paid for a phone to be made, not for random people I don’t know to feel they’ve gotten attention to their satisfaction. Purism is a small company and they’re busy doing the stuff I, and many others, asked them to do which was implied when we made a transaction.



That may have been me.

They are building a smart phone from a miniaturized dev kit and a desktop operating system. It does not take many people to come up with 100’s of issues that are of fundamental concern to them. iOS and Android were not built in a day. Some people would rather get their hands on anything free, no matter how unfinished the rest of the smart phone is. Everyone has a different benchmark for “this works for me.”

Transparency, as it is being used in this forum, is a vague concept. It is not just an amount, there are different kinds of transparency. Just because Purism is being transparent about some kinds of things does not mean that we should expect them to be transparent about everything. I do not think that anyone here expects to read Purim’s internal e-mails. That would transparent, but obviously, they meant transparent in other ways, and not necessarily the ways that we imagine them to be.


It was funny, but yeah, kinda mean… I guess.

Mean?!!! No! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. I keep on waiting for this device because people like you don’t know what’s going on with this project. So I don’t really care of what you say it doesn’t matter if it sound “good” or “bad”. In the end it is what the “collective=Purism) DOES about my L5. And I go from there which means keep on waiting.

Wait…hold on. Lemme just see how you’re trying to paint me here…so I’m someone who didn’t order and is just dissing the project because xyz, etc. ? Is that correct ? I think anyone who wants to can look through my history to see that is most definitely not the case.
However, let’s go with this. You have just “slayed a troll” who has been critical of purism from day one! (heh)
What now big man?

Sorry. You don’t get it. I don’t care AT ALL about whatever you say. And I have no time for you. Think whatever you want of whatever you want. I’ve seen you “in action” before and I am not impressed. I don’t care about you. Really. Save your energy for someone else.

Tee hee, you didn’t even bother to look did you ? Well this is what happened, I made a dick/handjob joke at your multitude of hands in your last post…that’s what I thought was mean of me and thought better of and deleted.

I made the comment of hands in lieu to the post which I had typed out but thought the better of so I opted for a single thumbs down but this forum requires a minimum of 20 characters hence the multitude

Please all of you take a chill pill … and

please drag this topic all the way back to relevance.

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Ah, yes you are correct :slight_smile: I just assumed I’d have had previous contact with someone so offended. What was he on about then?..Meh, I don’t really care.

Perhaps joadri thought you were replying to him/her when you wrote “mean?.” etc.

That would certainly explain how she/he got so ticked off!

Ok , so if thats the case ? Why not a thread dedicated to spec changes like a major battery change or major function fails like calls not working ?

Here . Lets time how long it takes me to write one out . the clock sits at 648 . when it hits 649 i start typing .

" Greetings backers , XXX from Purism here . We are making great strides in production and development of the Librem 5 . As of today we decided that due to a supply issue we will be substituting a 2000mAh battery in place of the promised 3000mAh battery . But fear not this is a temporary fix until we get supply issues sorted out where we will be replacing those batteries with the 3000mAh and should only effect birch chestnut and dogwood batches . Also calls are not working currently in the birch and possibly chestnut batches. but as promised we will continue to make further strides in PureOS where this issue will be corrected in the not too distant future. Thank you and stay tuned for the latest information . "

652 . 3 minutes that took out of someones incredibly busy day and 2 issues were addressed and now folks heads are a little calmer.

Too much to ask ? I dunno . I dont think so . But thats me .

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I dunno, I don’t really care to be honest. Someone came at me for whatever reason, they got force plus one, and now it’s done (I’m not being snide, I just really don’t have the attention span to hold a grudge :slight_smile: )

It’s tougher than you might think to write public news updates and press releases that will get community scrutiny (especially if your community is pedantic like geeks tend to be–I should know: I am one!). These kinds of releases require a lot of back and forth between technical and non-technical teams, a lot of eyes reviewing text looking for mistakes, and even then sometimes mistakes or omissions happen because the author may not have all of the information (or up-to-date information).

I’ll draft up a few hypothetical forum post titles that might result from the above hypothetical press release to illustrate the point. In this case the press release made a mistake on the final battery capacity (3500mAh) and made an additional claim that the modem fix may extend into Chestnut instead of “a few days” as reported previously. Also in a lapse in transparency, it references “supply issues” without elaborating on what it means or which areas it might impact:

  • “Purism lies about battery capacity, Evergreen now changed from 3500mAh to 3000mAh.”
  • “Power consumption analysis: will 3000mAh last all day?”
  • “2000mAh for Dogwood? Why I’m switching to Evergreen”
  • “Official: Modem fix now dragging on through Chestnut? No calls until 2020?”
  • “The official “supply issues” thread?”

As I mentioned in a different thread a few weeks back:

In the past we had decided to lean more on the side of only publishing updates when we knew things for sure. After Aspen the community made it clear that they’d rather us publish more frequent updates even if there was a risk the information would change, so we are trying to lean more on the other side.

So we are trying to err on the side of more frequent updates even if it means including information that might change. In the case of the battery capacity question, those of us (myself included) who were working on the fact checking for the Birch shipping post and documenting the known issues did not know that the battery was anything but 3500mAh–I’d like to think that I’m pretty well informed on what’s going on, yet I personally found out only a few days ago when I heard rumblings in the community and before that point I had no reason to think to ask. That said, we do plan to mention it in the next update post we have planned about modem call routing and other Librem 5 updates (if you follow our code repositories you can see all the progress we’ve been making on the modem sound routing issue).


Makes sense I guess. Im not backing out either way for any reason at this point . The librem 5 will be my daily driver in whatever shape its in with whatever capability it has .

Thanks for explaining it . Lot of things I hadnt considered that make sense . Ill be looking forward to your research into the battery .