BT headset for L5

Is there any recommendation for a BT over-ear headset (speaker+micro) which works with the L5? Thanks

I would recommend not to put microwaves in your ears, instead go wired. Nothing beats wired.

And, what is the recommendation for this matching:

  • USB-C
  • L5 respects the +/- audio button of the cable
  • L5 respects the mute button of the cable

I need one which fits in my business MacBook Pro (because my company pays for the headset) and in my L5.


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As for over-ears I have never had the need for in-line buttons so I cannot recommend you from experience in that regard.

If I would consider that use case I’d definitely try the ModMic microphones and be free to keep using the headphones that suits me best. If you do not have a good set already you might consider a bundle deal especially when your employer is willing to pay for a new set.

Disclaimer: in no way am I affiliated to the Antlion company, nor any interest what so ever.

Can it be assumed that some of your work colleagues may already have headsets of various types?

If so I would recommend testing those available with the Librem 5 to determine what is or is not supported and any potential issues that may be present.

I haven’t been following headset support for some time so my information may be dated.

As far as I’m aware, the Librem 5 does not support Bluetooth headsets at this time, you might get audio from the headphones but it’s unlikely you’ll get anything from the microphone.

Wired headsets (i.e. analog headsets connecting to the Librem 5 via it’s 3.5mm TRRS socket) should now be supported. I have just connected a wired headset to the phone I have and the microphone is not being recognised. That may be a hardware fault specific to this phone but it may also be that wired headset support is broken at this time.

USB headsets should just work (mostly), the Librem 5 should recognise both the headphone and microphone components. When I previously (several months ago) used USB headsets with the Calls app the headsets required additional configuration, without the additional configuration the microphone volume/gain would be affected by automatic adjustments ranging from so low as o be essentially muted to so high it was nothing but distortion.

Personally, I use a wired headset (Beyerdynamic MMX 300 (2nd Generation)), if it needs to be USB then I connect via a USB DAC/ADC (THX Onyx), if it needs to be Bluetooth then I connect via Bluetooth transceivers (Creative BT-W3 on host side and FiiO BTR5 2021 on the headset end).

Note that for standard Bluetooth two-way comms through headphones/microphone will utilise HSP profile, this uses quite a narrow bandwidth, subsequently the audio quality will be notably lesser in comparison to what is achievable via direct wired or USB.

I use the Bose QuietComfort head set. It works great with bluetooth. No stuttering. I can even use the microphone now on calls using them. (Caveat the microphone on calls is not perfect).

Pretty great.

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In that case Airpods Pro Max work.

I tested my older USB headset Logitech H570e stereo with the L5 in play audio and calls. Works just fine and out of fhe box, even the +/- and mute button of the cable. I will stay with this and buy a second one for my home.

Thanks for the info, it’s good to see progress being made on support for Bluetooth headsets.

But, this was an USB cable one, not BT :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, looks like I need an eye test, not sure why I thought it was Bluetooth. And good to know that USB headsets now work out the box without additional config.