Building PureOS from source

Are there any official step-by-step instructions on how to do this?

While there are some awesome people here who might help you out, I feel this kind of a question is akin to someone just walking up to a car and saying any step by step instructions to disassemble and re-assemble this?

What do you know about this sort of thing? The intention here isn’t to make it possible for everyone to be able to compile code. Rather it is to make it possible for anyone to learn how to do that, by first learning how to program. I say this because just being able to compile something really does nothing for you. Being able to understand the code and thus verify for yourself that it is clean is the real point of being able to compile source.

Put another way, buying a computer, and then asking for steps on compiling code for a beginner, is like learning to crawl and thinking you are ready to sprint or do kung-fu.

I hope this doesn’t sound negative. I’m genuinely just trying to be realistic.

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I’m sorry but I don’t agree.

Let’s start with an example of how other organizations promote and help you build their software from source. From that same page:

They [the steps] aren’t complicated, but there are a few prerequisites to building Firefox on Linux…

My actual reply to this whole subject:

FOSS is as much an individual effort as it is a collective one. Having an official guide/tutorial means everyone will see it, both the noobs and professional programmers, they will see not only the guide but also the source code, which is great!

So even if I’m not a professional I have only to win if I actually build everything from source instead of just downloading the binaries.

It’s cool. We disagree. I wish you the best in your efforts, but once again strongly encourage you to learn how to understand the code first because frankly if you don’t there is no difference between compiling on your own or using binaries. Well at least from a security standpoint.

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