How to build pureOS from scratch like Linux From Scratch

The topic says all. I saw it was asked before something similiar with ambiguos answer.

Linux from scratch offer a step by step guide to do that.

buildyourownlinux do something similar

Both are useful to learn about linux components and the processs of making a distro customized to your hardware, what it’s cool.

B u t …

those above are not FSF approved


PureOS it is.

So this is the reason of this post. Is there any step by step guide with explanations?
or not.

Update: I found this about How to build pureOS

And that led me to reproducible isos
and reproducible builds


I haven’t seen anyone put anything together for PureOS specifically. But since PureOS is based on Debian, I’m sure someone has put something together for LFS on how to build Debian. Just search for something like build debian from scratch.

Let us know if you find anything and how it goes.

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Well, Debian From Scratch already exists:


thank you for starting this thread i’d be also interested in anything from scratch as it doesn’t have to be FSF RYF certified.

the RYF certification is ONLY for individuals/entities that wish to distribute the OS they “built” and maintain but it is not a legal requirement if you wish to keep it to yourself and just use it privately for education or anything-else. it is however encouraged to share but not MANDATORY. this is about freedom and free-software has made this abundantly clear with the GPL and the one concerning public open-hardware documentation.

the copyleft exists to protect and prevent interesting/inovative random/unlicensed public open-source code from “falling-into-the-wrong-hands” and getting copyrighted/locked-down/controlled by proprietary-software companies and used against the public good.

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