Calls, Texts, and 4g are not working on Librem 5 (Tracfone, Verizon)

Hey all,
Just received my Librem 5 and I’m trying to get calling working on it. I pulled the sim card out of my old phone and inserted it in the Librem 5, but calls, texts, and 4g are not working. I use Verizon via Tracfone in the US.

In the upper left-hand corner, I have 2 bars of signal strength and the 4G icon to the right. I do not have any killswitches activated.

Under Settings > Mobile, I have

  • Mobile Data slider: activated
  • Data Roaming slider: deactivated
  • Network Mode: 3G, 4G (Preferred)
  • Network: Home (the slider is set Automatic, and no others appear when I turn off Automatic)

Under Settings > Mobile > Access Point Names, I selected Verizon. I have 4 choices:

  • Verizon (no subtitle)
  • 4G LTE Contract (subtitle vzwims)
  • 4G LTE Contract (subtitle vzwinternet)
  • 4G LTE Contract (subtitle vzwapp).

Choosing anything other than the first causes an orange exclamation mark to go over the signal strength icon in the top left, so I left it on the first one.

I have SIM Lock disabled. Under Modem Details, “Own Number” shows my own phone number so I imagine there’s at least a connection being made.

To be clear, what happens is when I initiate a call, it stays on the calling screen for about 20 seconds before ending the call with no dial tone or anything. When I attempt to send a text, after a couple of seconds a red X appears below the message. When I turn off my WiFi and attempt to load a web page, it just stays loading forever.

I have no idea how to diagnose this or anything, was wondering if anyone one this forum would be able to help? Thanks

The modem is not compatible with Verizon.

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Connection to what? I would imagine that this information could come out of the SIM, so it might not indicate that any communication with the mobile network is occurring.

When trying to use my Maxis connection in Malaysia I get “ …” and no connection at all. * Signal strength = 3 bars.

  • Settings are:
  • 2G, 3G, 4G(preferred)
  • Mobile Data = on
  • Data Roaming = off
  • Access Points = GPRS, APN = net, Username = maxis, password = net (all defaults)

Note Changing Access Point to “Broadband” gives a 4G sign and a red exclamation.

After about an hour the red exclamation disappears. Calling gave no call sound and no connection.

Anny body in Malaysia with L5 experience?