Can they detect if I come in contact with Covid-19 person without phone?


Just wondering if covid tracing apps can tell if I come in contact with Covid-19 person. When I’m not carrying my phone with me. Been keeping my phone at home for several months now. As I fear whats going on in New Zealand with Isolation camps with come to Canada.


In order for the app to detect you, you need to carry the phone, with Bluetooth enabled, with a compatible app installed and running and working.

Without that, the simple answer is “no”.

However the oppressive load of surveillance in comparable societies is much bigger than just one app on a phone. The act of moving around and interacting with the world leaves a tsunami of traces in your wake, be it phone towers, surveillance cameras, toll roads, travel cards, electronic payments, identity cards, access cards, sign ins, WiFi, …

what app is it specifically that you are referring to ? it has been discussed here before > Google and Apple partnership for Contact Tracing

and > Continuation discussion to the previous contact tracing app threads

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Trudeau introduced a tracing app for Canadians to download. I don’t remember what it was called. Only 4% of canadians have downloaded it so far.

so 4% of the Canadian population is not aware that the covid-19-test ONLY detects and AMPLIFIES genetic-material that ALL humans have … they use the PCR-test to test for FOREIGN genetic material which they should NOT be doing … as that is NOT what the PCR test is FOR …

i briefly linked to it here BEFORE >

If you’re in contact with people outside and use your phone, don’t forget to wipe down your phone when you get home (daily).

I note people wash and/or change their masks daily but talk through their mask into the phone. When they get home and take off their mask, do they wipe down their phone? Probably not.


i wipe EVERYTHING once in a while with plain blue medical alcohol (not the toxic hand-sanitizers they sell now to swindle people) but i did that WAY before any PLAN-demic was enacted … so what is the correlation ? NONE. you do so if you want to and don’t if you don’t.

If you hand sanitize dozens of times a day then 100% ethanol is not an ideal product to use. Hand sanitizer products may be overpriced - I don’t know - but they do have a rationale for existing.

but that’s not what i said :slight_smile: the more you hand sanitize the more chances of getting sick you have … i tend to stick with water and soap for hands and body and shampoo for hair (you know - that’s what people who can have a shower use anyway) PLAN-demic or NOT …

Thats what i‘m doing for years.

I said that because that’s how a friend’s thinks her Dad died from it. He was ever so careful, gloves and masks all the time, but used his cell phone in public, in Philly. She suspects he forgot to wipe it down when he got home and took his mask off.

and he probably made them a lot of money (the people who put covid in his death certificate)
we demand to see PROOF of what the WHO claims to be true …

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Damn dude, if you want to protect yourself, then follow the WHOLE protocol of safety and not like 9 out of 10 steps. Tell him/her that. Always go 10/10.

Safety protocols ignore human factors, like age and forgetfulness. Not everyone has a pilot’s checklist before opening their house door.

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you can go 11/10 on that safety/protocol … when it’s time to go it’s time to go

damn, thats hard.

Wow. A lot of “I don’t know” and heavy conjecture going on in this topic. Unfortunately, there is too much information from too many sources in too many countries on too many sites, including Facebook - if Facebook can be considered anything other than a digital human trap.

One must be very careful these days not to sound anti-c thingy. COVID-19(84) has divided people everywhere and are being censored for posting anything that is not accepted as “The Truth” according to politicians, Facebook, YouTube et al instead of scientists.

Nations, instead of coming together to unite against a common enemy (COVID) decided to bar each other from entering. The U.S. doesn’t need to build a wall now - it’s borders are boarded from four sides now. Russia and FSU claim to have been using vaccine effectively for awhile now. But we can’t trust them - can we. They might send us poison instead. Some of the world is moving forward with their vaccine. Others are waiting for ideas. It’s all very stupid IMO.

I cannot, believe (or don’t want to) that anyone would ask if the ‘app’ will let the user know if it can detect if the owner has COVID.

I was going to answer that but thought someone might believe it so won’t, but I was going to say - - - Answer 'Sure - the app comes with a digital nose swab (just push the top left-side corner of the phone as hard as possible into each nostril and twist to ensure a good collection, one nostril at a time, and hold finger over the finger-prick image for blood sample and app analyzes both blood and nasal yummies at the same time, or pressing F1 will bring Help! Don’t forget to wipe your phone. Now call 911 and report what you’ve just done.

But I won’t say it.