Continuation discussion to the previous contact tracing app threads

#1 < a TL;DR colour style comic-book / manga explanation < the longer version

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  1. Google and Apple partnership for Contact Tracing
  3. American just don't want privacy

to reiterate on this - the SYMPTOMS and people dying during the lock-down period is real however the facts are greatly blown out of proportion by the tyrant mainstream-media …

PROBLEM > REACTION > SOLUTION >–reaction–solution


Related, 3 blue 1 brown made a video covering the nicky case explanation:


yeah it’s the same thing as the first link but with added snooptube tracking :slight_smile:


I think you’re downplaying how helpful having a video explanation can be for some types of people. Not everyone is a purely visual learner. :slight_smile:


i can’t say that manga/comics is the way to a proper learning experience either though … so i try to downplay most things that don’t qualify without ever truly discarding them on purely this basis … :sweat_smile: