Cannot boot - Invalid signature on kexec boot params

Just in case others cannot boot into their laptop because it died.

I turned on my Librem 14 and it failed to boot and dropped me into the recovery shell. It said HOTP verfication success then it went to check the signatures and said gpg: key **** was created 18733 days in the future (time warp or clock problem).
In the recovery shell I typed date and it said I was in 1970! I must have left my laptop on and it drained the battery, including the clock battery and reset my time back to the unix epoch. So a quick search I found out how to reset my hardware clock.
date -s "20211205 14:35" aka - YYYYMMDD HH:MM
hwclock --systohc
then reboot and my system restarted and GNOME synced my clock back to the exact time.


Hi Dean, would you mind looking at this error I received and telling me if it’s the same thing you ran into? It sounds very similar. I don’t think I was even able to open the “recovery shell” though. I’m new.

You have something different but you are/were in the recovery shell.
~ #
This means you are in the recovery shell and using bash. When you open the terminal you’ll see something similar.


You were likely doing the right thing until your PIN code…

Try 12345678 default Librem Key PIN.

Yes. I also had a recent revelation that when typing a password into the terminal/command prompt thing - the numerals don’t show visually on the screen. When it first asked me for my password I didn’t see any digits appearing and I assumed that nothing was being entered and the keyboard somehow temporarily failed. I ultimately just typed it in and hit enter even though nothing showed up… it worked.

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