CE marking for Librem 15 V4

Hi community,

I’m planning to buy a Librem 15 V4. Currently I’m living in Germany and searched for a retailer which will sell me the Librem 15 V4 so I don’t have to import the laptop. Unfortunately I was not able to find any retailer in Germany or the EU at all (or I’m too dumb to use duckduckgo :smiley:).

So I’m in the process of gathering all necessary informations to import the laptop and I’m aware that I have to pay VAT and maybe additional costs if there are any shipment fees when the laptop enters Germany or the EU. I also spoke to my local customs office and they told me, that the laptop or the technical device should have a CE marking to prove that the device will not harm the environment, person and will work correctly (and much more…). As the officer said it is necessary to import a device that the CE mark is on the device.

My main question is: Does the Librem 15 V4 has the CE mark? Is there someone in the community which imported the Librem 15 V4 to Germany and does have any experience? I’m aware that these information are not a legal advice but I’m a little bit unsettled bying a 2000 $ laptop and the import might fail :confused:

I also found this thread regarding the CE mark of the EU but I’m not sure if the thread will answer my question.

Thank you in advance!

hey @Krystan,
I’ve bought the Librem 13 V4 from Germany about 2 Month ago and I didn’t have any problems with customs at all and I only had to pay the VAT and I think 10€ or so handling fee.
AFAIK all the Laptops from Purism have the needed CE markings and documentation to be imported into the EU.


@Manuel Sounds good to me and I’m looking forward to my new shiny toy :smiley:. Thank you very much for your answer!

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My Purism Librem 13v2 also has a FC and CE symbol on it (back side)… I bought it about two years ago…

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Thanks for confirming that the necessary markings are at the devices

And just to complete the loop, my Librem 13 v3 has the FC, CE, and recycle symbol on it.

I know that Purism also sells German keyboards specific to German speaking markets, and as such, I’d assume they would be compliant with the regulations.

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Funny thing, one of my colleagues came with a new Librem 13 v4 into the office today. So I was able to confirm everything all of you have said regarding the markings on the laptop.

Apart form the markings it felt great to have my hands on the Librem :smiley: