Cell phone carrier compatibility assurance

I would like to order a Librem 5 but do I have to be concerned with the compatibility of my Cell phone carrier ?
E.g. frequencies or other parameters such as gsm cdma g3 g4 g5 etc ? My carrier happens to be Telus in Canada.

My carrier is Vidéotron (Québec, Canada). I pre-ordered the phone but what if it’s not compatible with my provider?

Hey, I’m pretty sure that the Librem 5 will support any phone carrier around the world without trouble. (don’t take my word as if it was the real thing, it’s just that I would find it very surprising if it didn’t work, anyway in the case it wouldn’t work you can expect a fix from Puri.sm or the community) :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just dropping in a link to a related thread: What kind of modem will be used? :smiley:

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