Changelog (feature request)

Hi Purism,

I think it would be really helpful if there were a Changelog between different versions of the Librem Laptops.

Changelogs are rather common in both open-source and closed-source projects, because it increases transparency and decreases confusion among your customers.

Please include Hardware/Firmware Changelogs with your laptop releases!

Thank you!

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Great idea, totally agree!

or we could have a similar implementation as with the man pages in the command line terminal in gnu-linux distributions.

example > instead of - “man sudo” command just type “cnglog name”

information can be distributed/updated through repositories and local mirrors

A normal web-based changelog would be a lot better.

I don’t know of any projects that make a standalone program solely for viewing changelogs. That would defeat the purpose of providing a changelog- to make things easier, instead of starting a new forum thread asking for differences each time a new version is released. Requiring a command-line unix-only program is just as bad for most people.


In general, yes, I want that!

But the hardware changelog, to me, is rather of academical interest. A quick reference on how to find out what your model has, including the coreboot revision, is more important in my opinion.
And this should go along with the coreboot changelogs plus PureOS changelogs.
Just a condensed log of what changed in PureOS, focusing on the Purism-specific changes and maybe briefly mentioning upstream changes.

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You mean like this?
Note: It might be incomplete, and the idea is for it to be mostly user-contributed from what I understood, so feel free to edit/add info.

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I would love to add a changelog, if I knew what the differences were… :sweat_smile:

I thought this was the semi-official changelog, but it seems it was incorrect? So I have no idea.

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How are we supposed to get an account on this wiki? Instructions please?

Good question, I thought you could just sign up I’d ask maybe @jeff or @JamesRufer