Librem 13v2 vs 13v3


Hi everyone,

What are ALL the EXACT differences between the 13v2 and 13v3?

For example, do they have different coreboot versions? Different CPU generations? Better/worse WIFI signal?

I have searched everywhere, including the forums and wiki, and can’t find anything.

Thank you!

Was my laptop tampered with during shipping?
Was my laptop tampered with during shipping?
Changelog (feature request)

From what I’ve been able to read, people who bought the v1 aren’t looking to get a v3 usually.

I haven’t really looked at all the specs, because should I get one, it’ll be the current iteration anyway. However, iteration is usually made because it’s worth it. So my guess is, if the differences between the 2 are important to you, then just get the v3.

You might find this review useful:



um, ok

Could someone please answer my question?

It’s a little strange that there’s no documentation on this for an “Open-Source” laptop…

Edit: Not trying to be rude, just a little frustrated with the time I’ve spent looking for this information :disappointed_relieved:

Changelog (feature request)


Thanks mladen,

However, your current Librem 13s have the following SKU:


So I got confused there.

Is it true that the ones with the L13V2-US-TPM and L13V2-US-I7 SKUs are indeed Librem 13 Version 3’s?

Would it also be correct to say there are zero other differences besides the CPU upgrade?

I appreciate your quick response! Have an awesome day!


Librem 13 with i5 cpu — v2
Librem 13 with i7 cpu (with or without TPM) — v3

We made the decision to bump the version number a bit too late for the labeling on the first batch to be changed.


Awesome, thanks so much!!!

Now if someone searches for “13v2 vs 13v3” they’ll find what they need too :grin:


As I mentioned here, if you run:

  sudo dmidecode | grep Product

it may still show Librem 13 v2 even if you have v3. That might depend on what you have on it, but I received my Librem v3 in April. I have updated everything but coreboot.


Thank you! It certainly caused a bit of panic when I receive the shipping notification!


I recently updated coreboot and that seemed to syncrhonize the version numbers. So, where it showed v2 using the dmidecode command, I now see v3. v3 matches the bottom.


fwiw, my librem13v2 actually has an i7-6500U processor. Maybe that was an upgrade during purchase.