Changing the Online Accounts list: the official GNOME method

GNOME’s official instructions for allowing or disallowing specific Online Accounts.

Note: Use at your own risk. I don’t know if implementing changes here creates any unforeseen problems (e.g. with email, calendar, contacts), but you can always delete your work to revert to the original state. (I confirmed that by testing.)

For Librem One and IMAP and SMTP, the correct entries are ‘librem_one’ and ‘imap_smtp’.

Enterprise Login (Kerberos) is ‘kerberos’.

To retain some of the defaults from the top of the list, you might need to list them in first position within the 00-goa file.

Following the sudo dconf update, you’ll have to enter your password several times, and you’ll probably need to then reboot.

Illustrating the effect of the following entry in the 00-goa file:
whitelisted-providers= ['librem_one', 'imap_smtp', 'kerberos']





I tried altering the defaults with a “blacklisted-providers” entry, but it didn’t work. I guess that’s not an official GNOME option.


Further info: Projects/GnomeOnlineAccounts/Providers - GNOME Wiki!


Oh, and…

Don’t you even think about making it possible for the user to add or remove providers via the graphical interface! No! Keep it obfuscated.


I think that the incantation that you want is:

gsettings list-keys

thus showing that there is exactly one key that you can set (whitelisted-providers)

and if you set random keys that are not even in the schema then those keys will simply be ignored.

For a key that is listed you can then do:

gsettings describe whitelisted-providers

but whether that is always enough information to know how to use that option is debatable.

There is no real need to provide a blacklisted option when the total set of providers is small and finite, and particularly if any kind of wildcard matching is not supported, and when having such an option would just create uncertainty as to how the two options would interact i.e. does blacklist override whitelist or vice versa? or do you need two blacklist options ordered as B W B? or two whitelist options ordered as W B W?

You can blacklist all providers by whitelisting an empty set. I think “enable” would be a more accurate term than “whitelist”.

Yes, because you need to log out - but there isn’t really a way of logging out on the Librem 5. So reboot it would be.

Sure, there is. dconf-editor


Right! And it runs well enough on the L5. I forgot to look there.

But still not as easy as having ‘add’ and ‘remove’ buttons where it counts.


dconf-editor is going to be particularly clunky for a “String array”. On the other hand, for the on/off keys, really dconf-editor has a UI that is as user-friendly as the application itself could provide anyway. The only difference is that with dconf-editor you need to know where to navigate to (sometimes obvious, sometimes not!).


Note that dconf-editor shows my own entries as “default” now, since I altered it from the terminal.

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The search function helps a lot there.