Chatty does not show ongoing XMPP conversations

When I open chatty, I usually don’t see any of my ongoing XMPP conversations, I also cannot see the groups I have joined. They will only appear if I receive another message. On all XMPP clients I have used so far, this was available. Is there a way to have that?

I noticed that the current version of Gajim is nicely usable on the phone screen thanks to having every conversation in a separate window but I noticed that this nice feature was actually removed in later versions of gajim, with everything on a single window, which will make it unusable on a phone screen. I find dino also unusable on a phone screen, so chatty looks like the only option that is aimed at being functional on a phone screeN

I’m curious, but how do you find Dino unusable? Are you using the one not from the standard repo on the L5? Look up the Dino thread here, instructions are given there on how to install that version. It is adaptive and works well on the phone.

Also I have regulated Chatty to being my SMS manager and that is all. Everything is pretty buggy atm.

It shows contact list and conversations in a single window that does not fit in the screen, unless one uses the scaling option, but then it is so small that it is very painful to read.

I installed dino using “sudo apt install dino-im” so it is from the standard repo, version is 0.2.0-3. Are you suggesting to install the version indicated in this post? Would that version allow conversations in separate windows? Or are you referring to a different version?

I added the octarine repo as suggested but apt update gives an error:

Repo octarine Release does not have a release file.

Note: I see people looking for voice calls, I have no interest in that (I use regular voice calls, they work fine on L5, I have no use of a US/Canada phone number as I don’t live there).

Yes that is what I am suggesting. It is version 0.3.something. It adapt to the screen size. However there is still a glitch with it, when you are in the add server window. It is too large. You have to rotate the screen to hit ok. But that is it.

It works in the same way as Signal, Whatsapp, etc. GUI’s workm but very well. Makes XMPP easily the best chat platform on the L5.

I think the bug is described in this issue:

I’m affected by this bug as well. Which is a bit annoying. I dont have many XMPP contacts, so it would be nice not to need yet-another chat program like Dino or Kaidan…

Yeah if Chatty was more refined and more functional I would prefer to just use it as well. One day maybe. Right now I am happy they are working on other things. That said, Dino is great. Easily the best designed desktop XMPP client out right now. I think development on it has stalled somewhat though.

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Thanks for the reference. In my case, chatty shows just one previous conversation, with someone to whom I sent a few messages and who never replied, so not very useful.

For now, due to this and no support of showing the XMPP roster, I will use Dino.

On desktop, I prefer Gajim but on the Librem 5, I noticed that upon reception of a message with Gajim while the screen is locked, the LED does not turn on and there is no notification visible, so if I miss the notification sound I might never see I have received a message. With Dino on Librem 5, there are both.