Chatty the Purism messenging (and Silence IM Partnership)

  1. Hello, I think it can be good to talk here about Chatty :


The messages technology will be split into two distinct applications. One application will be used for the purpose of private 1 to 1 and small group chats (Chatty) and the other application will be used for the purpose of crowded IRC like discussions (Fractal).

The Chatty program is being developed by Purism, using a libpurple backend, and will contain E2EE of XMPP messages via OMEMO from day 1 (when Librem 5 phones are shipped in January), as well as non-encrypted SMS. Since the revelation that ModemManager is needed instead of ofono for the Calls application, a D-BUS handler was created for the ModemManager backend of the messaging app. With this ModemManager setup, sending and receiving SMS is working so far!

On my side I would like to know if Chatty E2EE will be compatible with iOS/Android equivalent. Because, you can easily understand that we would like to communicate E2EE with world, and not only Librem 5 users.

  1. Also, do you plan to make partnership with Silence IM for basic SMS ?
    Then even regular SMS would be E2EE. I have opened a thread on their github to integrate Silence on the Librem 5 :
    And this post is very insteresting :

If we could get support for SMS encryption baked into the default SMS app on the Librem 5 that would be better than Silence being ported over. Users of the Librem 5 would then be able to interact with Silence users by default in an encrypted manner.
To do that would almost certainly require that #689 (documentation of the protocol) be completed. Otherwise, there would most likely be quirks and differences between implementations and the two might not be inter-operable.

I am sure it is just a matter of documentation. It has a great potential.
Thank you for your feedback !


Can I give this lots of hearts?

I currently use Silence for SMS because it allows me to encrypt even my basic SMS messages. Keeping this ability when I move to the Librem 5 would be a HUGE plus for me.


I think also that would be cool to use Silence SMS encryption.

Also, I understand that chatty will be more one-to-one communication and Fractal for chatrooms.
My concern is that I am a XMPP user, and Iā€™m happy that Chatty supports XMPP. But I also use XMPP chatrooms, and Fractal is only a matrix client. What is the plan to support XMPP chatrooms if any?

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