Community WIKI for Librem 5

I’d like to propose some re-ordering the overview page:

Hardware (description)
Software (description)
Compatability (providers, docks, batteries, etc. pp)
Troubleshooting (articles about how to find out more when it doesn’t work as expected)
History / Background

Another idea that came to me is to create an overview/index ordered by and describing the “runtime life cycle” of the Librem5 from inserting the battery or switching it on until battery drain or shutdown by the user.

This would be a nice way to touch each topic and put it into the context of a timeline how the phone boots and what happens during operation.

The overview could break down into ever more detailed descriptions of the single components of hardware and software.

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I made a few minor changes.

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Great! Thanks!

Here’s another one (that I wrote, because I didn’t understand “compositor”): Phoc vs Phosh

It is not complete and maybe never will be. It is supposed to invite to play around with phoc/phosh to get a grip of how they work and what they do (I’d still come back from time to time also to improve my understanding :wink: )

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Thanks very useful!

What I would like to know:
What of monitors (USB hub to monitor cables) are (should be) supported:

  • Display Link
  • HDMI (I know this works, because I have this at home)

I would like to determine why the USB port replicator that they have at my work does not function well. See Should video output work with Fujitsu USB Port Replicator PR09.

Have you followed the commands suggested in @ChriChri’s helpful troubleshooting guide? In particular, the lsusb output might shed some light.

I think at this stage few if any are supported by Purism, if that’s what you mean. There’s a couple of devices that Purism may have mentioned enough times to be taken as some kind of unofficial endorsement.

I guess at some point of time in the future Purism may formally do integration testing with some devices and declare that they are compatible with the Librem 5 i.e. officially give endorsement.

Or, who knows, Purism might sell something in the future (whether they develop it or just brand it).

There are a lot of “moving parts” though and it isn’t really clear whether you are asking about a dock, or cables, or a monitor - or the whole combination.

Even “HDMI” is complicated because there are multiple versions of HDMI and because some converters or docks may have limits relating to total bandwidth (i.e. resolution x framerate). (For example, my USB-C to HDMI converter says “4K/60Hz” but not all converters will support that and in fact I haven’t tested it to that limit.)

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This seems to be the most official information that is arround (found here:

Does sell already:

…and not supported at all - if I remember correctly. I’ll add some information or reference about it later on the wiki.

Edit: I remember @guido.gunther mentioning this somewhere, but this might as well be a memory corruption on my side, because says hdmi is supported. I’ll need to ask @guido.gunther. Put the references on the wiki page.

The Librem5 supports usb -c display port alternate mode. If (and usually) there is a hdmi connector on a dock that works with the L5 the dock takes care of converting the signal from display port to hdmi.

HDMI alternate mode is as far as I know not supported by the Librem5.


Yes. I meant HDMI coming out of the dock, not HDMI AltMode. As you say, the actual conversion has to be done in the dock (or in a converter) but that doesn’t mean it actually works with any given combination of hardware.

The L5 does *DisplayPort AltMode" and never “HDMI AltMode”. If you use a USB-C -> HDMI “converter” then the converter does the DP -> HDMI conversion.


And just to be precise when writing about this, a converter changes the signal, which is not to be confused with an adapter that merely changes the shape of the plug. The shape change does not necessarily mean that the signal type is correct. Some may confuse this.


The page hasn’t been updated from the repo for a while. The FAQ page in the repo is already updated since some time and doesn’t mention “HDMI alt mode” anymore:

Patches to are welcome to clean up the TBD there (there’s more things that can be improved on so patches are very welcome and help users and developers a lot)

As @ChriChri pointed out the sync between git and the developer side was broken. I took a stab at fixing this ( and it work now. Looking forward to try this with the next MR to see if it sticks :slight_smile:

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I have Plans to Hiring @amosbatto to Librem 5 Wiki as amosbatto showed to have Elevated Skill to this things, this Contract will under Free Software Rules.

Goals: Fixes, Revamping, UptoDate: Librem 5 Wiki Files.