Community WIKI for Librem 5


General thread for community wiki discussions and especially initial ideas on “what” and “how to”. As in, collecting topics for wiki pages and questions that should be answered (preferably discussion of those should be done in separate threads), how to group different topics (“logic of contents”) for better management and readability (also, anticipating possible topics and questions), and about creating a coherent pages etc. This, while remembering that a good base to build on will make a big difference on quality, the content structure will change as more and more info comes available and interests shift.

Some of the more permanent details will be updated to this post.

Community Wiki:
User Documentation: (no L5 stuff yet)
Developer Wiki: (a separate wiki)

Content for the Wiki can also be offered via this thread (although your own edit is the preferred method). Apps and programs can also be made known via this thread.

NOTE: if you edit the wiki, be mindful that there is no warning that someone else might be editing at the same time - this can and has caused problems (text disappearing, pages broken).

Librem 5 — List of Apps in Development
How much can we customize the Librem5

Some discussions, ideas to hash out here (there is more than one way to make a wiki):

  • One or more wikis? Should user and developer kept separate or would it be better to have them in one. Consider usability/finding info, managing separate sources etc.
  • What are all the wikis and information sources? What new ones will and may come (external as well)?
  • User Documentation to wiki? For expanding it there?
  • Who gets to do this - any limitations (now or later)? Who wants to do this? Who does what - areas of expertise or interest? How do you get to do this?
  • Existing guidelines: Where are they? Do they need to be updated or expanded?
  • Straight to wiki or do we first make a closed testing area to build a base of some relevant(-ish) pages?
  • Do we start to move “best of forum” (edited) to wiki?
  • What is the aim/point/goal of this wiki and it’s articles/pages?
  • Could/should/how Purism&staff might confirm wiki contents so it would not be speculation? Is it enough that it’s in the wiki (possibly written saying so) or is separate source needed?


Some pages that could be moved/copied from forum to wiki (examples, and all seem to be suited to work as ways to get to needed info):

  • Purism feature chart (“promise chart”) that can also be used as a list to jump to info about them
  • Software list with descriptions and links to them (internal info/guides and external sites)
  • Development chronology (links to more info)


Reader/user levels to take into account (draft examples):

  • possible user, random browser form the internet
  • basic user, not tech savvy, possibly no previous linux experience, depends on GUI
  • linux user, at least simple terminal commands by copy-paste etc.
  • linux enthusiast, knows a bit more, participates
  • developer/programmer
  • special cases like organizations


We definitely need a community wiki, where lots of unofficial stuff can get posted. For example, Purism probably doesn’t want to specify who makes its RAM, Flash memory and other components because it wants the flexibility to change parts, but we should have a detailed list of all the components and photos which identify the components, and links to the datasheets.

What would be a good domain name?


Speculation, or specifically everything that is not easily fact-checked should not be on the wiki.

I was already considering moving the Chronology at some point, but not urgently.
On the Delivery Chart, I’m not so sure. It’s main point is to be visible (higher visibility here for the moment) and to defend the project against unjustified criticism. The spec-part has it’s place in the wiki, but the over-delivery part is not an important aspect for the wiki IMO.


A good point, but thinking from usability and managing all these: how much info like that is there (compared all the rest) and could that be shared in some smaller way? You are worried that Purism will censor the wiki? At the moment we need a wiki that houses mostly open stuff and if Purism takes the responsibility of maintaining it, I see no need to emphasize that special case - yet.


Although I too wish everything would always be fact checked, I would allow it be said that “this is preliminary info that will be updated” - as long as it’s made clear and for now (less later). On some stuff, it’s what we got and still informative.

The chart can stay on the forum - I like the visibility too and that it allows for discussion - but wiki could keep it “front and center” as one main conduit to explore contents. It is a good representation with a logic behind it, that can be used to link to more in depth pages and sources.


We have just been granted a community wiki, so I don’t see a need NOW to create an unofficial one.
Let’s first see how far we get with that. As long as it’s factual and on-topic, I don’t expect problems.

Spec details are no secret and there’s even an official (not so well maintained) place for them:


It wouldn’t be much of a wiki if it didn’t have those kinds of pics and info. I would expect a lot of hack and modification stuff.

@david.boddie as this is (referring partly to what @amosbatto said) Purism’s wiki (that the community may want to use), I think we need now an official general statement about wiki, a clear official point person named (you?) for all kinds of questions and some involvement to get things started (which probably should get less if things start rolling).


I think that Purism is going to need a way to say “this wiki isn’t official, so don’t hold us accountable for what you read here.” Otherwise, the company will be forced to do a lot of careful vetting of the text in the wiki.


I think that is easy, since the official user documentation is already going to be (If I understood right) separate. And the name is “Community wiki”.

I’ve never actually started a wiki, but I guess it’s going to be messy at first in any case, until it isn’t (at which point it’s dead or a historical artifact).


Until a better method and channel (this wiki doesn’t have a discussion forum in it) for this is needed or presents is self…

I suppose we’ll start modifying the live wiki and not a clone.
There seems to be copy pasted instructions from developer wiki: going to edit terminology Merging needs to be explained.
Pages should also have comments on what they are supposed to be (especially if they are a work in progress)
Todo-lists on pages are ok and I think they should be encouraged, as then anyone can pitch in and it’s more clear what the contents are supposed to be about (also: a little planning regarding structure).
Anyone adding anything should expect changes, corrections, additions and re-works…


@JR-Fi Maybe we (or Purism) can create a Matrix channl dedicated to the Wiki?


Possibly, but could you tell me is that and how is it better than this forum (I’m not - yet at least - a Matrix user). I’d rather not spread this to too many portals.


App list vs. List of apps in development. Former would be more general and serve as a list for all the apps, not just those in development. Or @Caliga ?
(edit: Seems we already have our first snafu and need to remove a page)


I’m not a [matrix] user either. There is a developer mailing list at purism:

I’m subscribed to


It’s good to see the Community Wiki getting some attention already. :clap:

The Developer Wiki which is also hosted on the GitLab instead is pretty much obsolete and doesn’t contain much information - what it has is also on the Community Wiki.

I’ll let you all figure out how to structure the information and what articles to write. I can give help and advice if needed, but I have more than enough to do with the official docs (developer, user and others).


@david.boddie, @heather.ellsworth, would be cool if the upcoming progress report could encourage people who are already working on an app to post git repository links here in this thread, or add them directly to List of Apps in Development. That would be a nice thing to have :slight_smile:


I am happy to see folks are excited about a Community Wiki (as am I btw). Once the Librem 5 gets in people’s hands I can see/hope that the wiki will blow up. In a good way, not in a Michael Bay camera panning explosion sort of way.