Compiling ... elsewhere?

I use Proton for email, and I asked their support about building the Proton Bridge (which transparently handles their GPG encryption) for the L5 (well for ARM64 in general). While they do not provide an ARM64 binary, they did point me at the source and gave me some basic compiling instructions. This is old-hat for me … but doing on the phone is not, and I really don’t want to clutter up my install with dev dependencies.

So… does anyone have advice on building for the L5 somewhere else? github/gitlab CI guidance?

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I use qemu-user-static together with a podman container with arm64 PureOS or Debian. Check out binfmt to connect it together.

Sadly, I haven’t written a tutorial (yet).


That would be great to get Proton mail…are you saying it would be it’s own app or something we could add to geary?

Free software? Create an account and repo on and build using the arm64 runner.

Also to not clutter up the install: use pbuilder or sbuild or docker/podman on your Librem 5.

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It functions as a local mail server, you connect via IMAP/SMTP -

Ah you have to have a paid account tho.

if u figure this out please try to add steps here. I am also looking for bridge on L5

It would be great having it work. I’ve made-do using web-app (takes ages to open).

Building anything or building the Proton Bridge? If the former: it is “doable” e.g.

For me it involved lots of trial and error, in order to get the dependencies installed - and lists of dependencies can become out of date on both sides i.e. changing on the build side based on what is already installed and changing on the requirements side as the source changes.

Checkout my recently created topic which guides through a Debian 11 ARM64 install via qemu-system-aarch64: More Librem 5 apps! – A tutorial to compile Flutter apps for Librem 5 on x64 machine