Comprehensive communication program

I need a program that isn’t dependent on a phone number with a high file cap that works on the L5 with features such as voice calling that can interact properly with people on other platforms. Does the L5 have such a program?
Before anyone tries to say chatty will get such a thing later, that is later. I need something now for communication if I want to use the device. Furthermore, I did a basic message test with chatty and it couldn’t send a omemo message to another XMPP client conversations on my phone although it does send messages from conversations to chatty.

Telegram is working fine on Phosh and has all capabilities you are asking for.

Telegram is not secure

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Then, you probably need to install a Matrix client.

Name one that works on the L5 with voice call ability with something such as jitsi built in.

I did not test it, but see this: Decentralized communication.

I’ve looked at it. Pretty much saying use element but how? It isn’t in the repos, it can’t be installed as a flatpak and I definitely do not want to touch snaps.
Nevermind found how to.
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Tried that and didn’t work
edit 2:
What is going on with I can’t reach it to follow anbox install instructions. Can’t reach with clear, proxies, tor and says it is down.

OMEMO works on chatty through Lurch, do you have that installed? I don’t have another suggestion, but wanted to link this in case someone else didnt know about it as well.

How would I go about installing that? Why are they implementing beta software that is incompatible with so much? Are they intentionally trying to reinvent the wheel when the wheel is just fine?

OMEMO with Lurch and Chatty can be finicky, I had a much better OMEMO experience across devices using the libhandy-enabled branch of Dino. I don’t know whether it’s packaged in PureOS yet, however – if the repos only supply regular Dino, that works okay-ish, too, you just need to run scale-to-fit im.dino.Dino (IIRC), to make it fit the screen.

Regarding Matrix: I suggest you to try Nheko or Fluffychat (both from Flathub). I don’t really use Matrix calling (I mostly use Matrix for what I used to use IRC for: group chats), and could not get it to work when I tried it almost a year ago, but lots of development has happened since so it’s worth a try.

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Nheko doesn’t work to type in username and fluffy doesn’t have jitsi call function built in. Element I know does with use of jitsi but can’t be installed from my experience. This thing with dino is probably pointless also as I am guessing no call function. I want to install anbox to see if molly ( works properly but the page:
won’t load as is down for the past few hours.
Also, I still don’t understand why purism did what they did. Why did they use weird beta garbage that doesn’t work correctly with other XMPP programs with one of the most popular for android being conversations.
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turns out fluffy does support but it isn’t working for me I don’t know why.

I have no idea what your sign in problem with Nheko is, just type your username and instance in this form @username:instance.domain and it should work. That said, I just tried voice calling and it does not seem to be compatible with what Element uses for voice calls in my testing.

Also, I still don’t understand why purism did what they did. Why did they use weird beta garbage that doesn’t work correctly with other XMPP programs with one of the most popular for android being conversations.

Well, they had the goal to support many protocols in one app and therefore went ahead and used libpurple for Chatty, which has been around for ages (see Pidgin. At the time Lurch was likely just as bad as it is now, but it could have improved by community contributions in the meantime. It just didn’t, which is unfortunate, but it’s not necessarily Purism’s fault. Also, with XMPP being standards-based, implementations should be about “correct” and not popular (not to blame Conversations, but it’s something to consider).

Regarding your “website is down”-problem, have you tried
For daily Signal use I would generally rather recommend something native (Anbox is a RAM eating monster), e.g. – no voice support there, though.

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It doesn’t let me type into the first field to type my username in so I cannot use the program. I tried reinstall, relaunch and reboot but same issue. Password field works.

I know of pidgin and I understand purism wants to make a change but because of this, I simply cannot use their XMPP program. I’ve used a few XMPP clients before and have never had an issue like this one.

I tried and that works but to be able to download the package. It links to another place which doesn’t load with so I cannot do it.

Voice support is a requirement. I simply need one that has chat and call. A lot of family I interact with do voice calls and are international so a normal phone call usually isn’t an option. I could tell them to launch jitsi for a call and such but that would mean more hassle for me and too lengthy for them. I need a real solution.

The option for making a call on gajim is greyed out. What is your point?

In the thread that @bjm linked, you’ll see that the Linphone app works OK for calls, except for screen adaptation (which can be managed by alternating in and out of landscape mode). Linphone works on all platforms, and also provides a free optional (calling and texting) SIP service not based on phone numbers. Each subscriber gets a username that takes this form:

sip:username@sip.linphone. org

Regular calling with phone numbers is also possible. (SIP to landline or mobile, and vice versa.)

seemed cool. Tested it with someone and it only plays out from loudspeaker and the scaling is incredibly bad.

You may need to try different protocols in the Linphone app to get the sound right (according to that thread).

What? Did you read my message? It only comes out of loudspeaker. The scaling is bad.

So I installed pavucontrol

sudo apt install pavucontrol

Then in pavucontrol, with earbuds with microphone plugged in, I selected that as the input device. Then made the Linphone call and I heard sound in the earbuds and the other party heard me using the microphone.
Yes, the scaling is Linphone is bad. That is why you have to switch back and forth between portrait and landscape mode. If you want a polished experience, well the Librem 5 isn’t there yet.