Contact block on pureos in librem5


Do anyone know if there is an option to block a contact from receiving call and text sms? I think it’s an important feature for blocking spam and in extreme case, stalkers


Bonus if there’s a way for the blocked calls to get the error “this number has been disconnected and is no longer in service” and not just ignored.


There might be a problem. It may work if the caller ID (phone number) is transmitted, but the caller ID may be suppressed by Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR).

So I guess it is a feature that has to come sooner or later, if it isn’t part of the first release. Maybe it is part of the base band subsystem. I think it has to work like with every other phone. So it might be constrained. A stalker would probably hide his number.


An option to only accept calls from contacts or some other whitelist would be awesome. That would take care of all but the slickest spammers.


That’s what I had on my old Sony Ericsson phone !


I’m a little baffled by that not being a thing anymore, especially these days.


Some white-list would be also nice for some do-not-disturb mode.
(= Only some contacts can disturb me.)