“Count down” for Librem5 delivered to North America

Ordered:       2017-08-24
Modem Email:   2020-11-19
Shipped Email: 2021-01-11 (via FedEx, from Carlsbad, California, U.S.A.)
Arrival:       2021-01-14 (in Colorado, U.S.A.)

Ordered the non USA version, 11-27-20 as part of a larger order where I also purchased a Lib 15 and some other goodies. Love my Lib 15 BTW!!!.
I did receive an email confirmation for the entire order and received everything but the phone in a very timely fashion. Very happy with Purism, their support, their vision.

No I dont get paid or get free stuff for saying good things here. I’m just a techie pyromaniac, that wants his country back. I run into the smoke and flames for a living, which I guess makes me certifiably crazy, which is why the call us “wild firefighters”.

As I am happy to put my money into companies that are an alternative to Data Harvesters…
I think I am going to see if I can upgrade my order to a USA Lib 5 and pay the difference. https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-5-usa/ $2k for a phone, that ships in 6-8 weeks, made in the USA is a step in the right direction.
Considering current events, chip shortages, Hong Kong, and soon Taiwan…the “Chickens are commin home to roost”. Hopefully folks will wake up to the fact that our Kahunas are in a vice and China is turnin the screw handle…
I applauded PURISM for putting their money in building the Lib 5 USA here. I will do the same and see if we can get credit for the $800 I paid for the phone I never received and cough up another $1200 for one I will, hopefully before Christmas.
Love this company more and more…

I will keep you posted…

UPDATE- here’s the reply to my email.
Lead time is now 90 days instead of 6 to 8 weeks as the website says, so I wont have it before Christmas…booohoo.

Yes, we can provide a coupon code for the amount you paid for L5 order, so you can simply create new Librem 5 USA order (by applying the coupon code and paying just for the price difference). Current ETA for shipping Librem 5 USA is some 90 days approx.