Creating Application Shortcut in Applications Folder

I have just installed Firefox (Mozilla). How do I create a short cut in the Applications/activities folder? I am not looking to create a desktop shortcut, just only the activities folder. After that, how do I add that shortcut to the Favorites bar?

I understand Pure Browser is a derivative of firefox itself, I Just prefer to use the original Firefox because of some plugins that only work it.

Thank you for your help.

Follow that steps to add the app to the folder, you can add the .desktop file in /home/Jonathanta/.local/share/applications instead, and you will not need to do it as root.

*replace Jonathanta with you user name in the system

Am I going to do that through the Nano editor? If so how do I do that and save the file? I am brand new to this OS and linux in general. Thank you for taking the time to help me.


If you use the folder in your user home, you can do it with any text editor, it’s a hidden one, to show it you should press Ctrl+h, then you will see all the hidden folder in the file explorer, the hidden ones are the ones with the . before the name like “.local”.

To save files in nano Ctrl+o, and Ctrl+x to exit, you just can press Ctrl+x and nano will ask you to save the file.

I can tell you what you need to do exactly, but I think it’s better to learn by yourself this kind of stuff.

Thank you for helping @uzanto I will definitely keep working to figure this out.

I easiest than it looks.

-Open Gedit (file editor).
-Add all the information that you need for you app launcher.
-Save it in you user folder and place it in the proper folder or simply save it there (/home/youruser/.local/applications/Firefox.desktop).

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Godot Engine
Comment=Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine with a feature-rich editor

Just replace what you need there, like the name, the app location, etc.
In the icon name just write fiefox and your desktop will use the proper one.

If that doesn’t work just type here exactly what you did and someone will help you.

It doesn’t have the fancy firefox logo, just the generic application icon, but it works flawlessly. I am going to apply this to a different application now.

Here is the Text I used for the .desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]

It is not using the correct icon image.

:face_with_monocle: Maybe the PureOS default theme don’t include Firefox icon or use a diferent name.

The icon themes are stored in /usr/share/icons/ you can check there if the firefox icon uses another name, remember GNU/Linux like all the Unix like operative systems are case sensitive, then it’s not the same Firefox than firefox.

You can always download the firefox icon and tell the .desktop file its location instead of just its name.

PS: Read the post bellow VVVV


Just that and should work.

Problem fixed. There was no default icon in the “/usr/share/icons” folder. So I had to download the svg file you linked to and put it in there. Thank you for the help. Now I won’t forget how to do this myself with other applications.

PureOS removed the Firefox logo. This is to prevent trademark issues, since “Firefox” is a registered trademark.

I fully understand that reason. Got to respect copyrights.

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