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It would be nice to mess about a bit with the look of the Librem5. Of course I already changed my background in the Mobile Settings app. But the image I picked there only shows up when I start up an app. It does not appear as a background to the app icons, nor is it visible in the lock screen.
Is this a matter of changing a setting in the Mobile Settings app? Or do I need to do some editing to the gtk.css file?
Other things I would like to change, are some of the colors used in the interface. I don’t think these can be changed in the Mobile Settings app. Can they be changed in the gtk.css file as well?

At the moment there only resides a gtk.css.bak file in my .config/gtk-3.0 directory - I am guessing this has something to do with the fact that some settings have been changed through the app. Or am I wrong in thinking that? (Same goes for the gtk.css file in the gtk-4.0 directory.)

Any help would be most welcome…

Take a look at

RE backgrounds

See: TUTORIAL: Add a Custom Background in Phosh

Other tutorials:

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U can use gnome tweak tool (either use external display or scale it and use in horizontal orientation).
Install any gtk3/gtk4 theme and apply it.
same goes for icons.
As for app drawer transparency please follow the link provided above

I am perfectly happy doing all this in a settings file. But does that mean I should ‘reset’ the Mobile settings app settings?

What do you mean by reset app setting?

you can set a background in the mobile settings app.

question is, how do the settings in that app relate to / interfere with the settings in the file.

ah ok, I use background image option from gnome-tweak tool, however I’ve not done transparency yet (for app drawer). I think u don’t really need to change ur current setting maybe someone who tried can confirm.

O, I am sorry. I keep mixing up the Mobile Settings app and the Tweaks app. I am talking about the Tweaks app, not the Mobile Settings app.
Very confusing to have apps that are almost the same but not quite.

I’ll look into the settings files, and leave the settings in the app as they are.

That works well enough! Makes you wonder why there is no transparancy setting in the tweaks app.

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I think because tweaks app is written mainly for gnome-shell, app drawer there already has transparency.
Maybe we should check postmarketos-tweak-tool, I was checking it on pinephone but since I received my Librem5, I’ve not really used pinephone.

The title of this topic is pretty general, “customizing things”, so I’ll just tack my question here.

Where can we tweak haptic feedback and keyboard settings? What I would like to accomplish is to make squeekboard act like the keyboard that takes the decryption key on boot. Squeekboard has weak haptic feedback and does not echo key presses with a popup character. The decrypt keyboard is clearly superior in this respect.

So, what if I would like to tweak the colors of the adwaita dark theme?
I looked for the gtk.css file in /usr/share/themes/*- and it does indeed reside in that directory.
But it only contains one line: a redirection to @import url(“resource:///org/gtk/libgtk/theme/Adwaita/gtk-contained-dark.css”).

Where is that at? And is it editable?

Ah! Maybe this helps:
Edit: Actually it does not. I still don’t know what to tweak, only where to do so.

It says here Adwaita no longer uses css-files.

At least the DarkFire theme was part of one of the latest (todays) updates. It does not have the nice rounded styling of Adwaita, but has a different (red!) accent color. You can select it in Gnome Tweaks.

I was able to customize quite a bit with this and this

based on gnome tweaks background image is based in (not sure thats the same background image selected in gnome settings):


The adw-gtk3-dark port is quite nice btw, so far my favorite