Dark clouds are coming



So far it is developing as predicted.


All garbage . Purism stated the L5 would have limited functionality upon initial release that would steadily improve as time went on . We were all well aware of this .


Wow, that was incredibly vague.
Where exactly is this unease felt?
In the cockles of our hearts?
Maybe below the cockles?
Maybe in the sub cockle area?
Maybe in the liver, maybe in the kidneys?
Maybe even in the colon, we don’t know?


Maybe it isn’t dark clouds, it could be a misspelling, pehaps dork clods instead.


I think all those people who’re angry at purism are in my opinion a minority, but a pretty loud and angry one.
All in all, it’s just a phone, but some people seem to be a bit to excited about this whole GNU/Linux phone thing.


Well, I’m not really angry with them, BUT they really ought to try and fill us in a bit more. If there is an Aspen batch, the trail of evidence is rather thin. My impression is that the phone just isn’t ready, but what I see on display looks very promising.


more like troll farts than dark clouds …


My guess is that the lack of readiness is mostly on the software side (the cooling/heatpipe stuff may be the only substantial hardware issue, and they seem to be on top of that). Like you, I’m not angry, but puzzled why they tried to create more of a buzz from the Aspen batch shipping than it really deserved. The rest of us were bound to find out the real situation sooner or later.