Debugging/sorce code/documentation - PureBoot

Where can i get source code of PureBoot(not Heads) and how can i debug it?

Is there any documentation describing how pureboot works?
For example uefi finds ESP partition on disk jumps to os entry and runs grubx64.efi from it,so what PureBoot does?

Looks like the source code is here:


What exactly do you want to debug? You can use gdb to debug the assembly code (or higher level code if you provide the source code to gdb) but this is really low-level and even more difficult to attach the debugger to the running system since it is in the boot phase.

Or is it enough to get diagnostic output (logging) during boot…?

I dont necessarily need to debug, but at least look at the code responsible for booting from a USB

about logging info, can you help me in this topic?

I don’t know PureBoot, sorry, but I guess if you open an issue here

somebody from the developers will help you.

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