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I erased by mistake not fully understanding what that meant the privacy marked cookies. I cannot use the browser any more as it won’t let me connect to websites like the purism website and the like.
Because it cannot be undone, my question is how do I reinstall the browser or repair the damage?
Appreciate help.
Thank you.

$ apt list epiphany-browser

If not installed please execute:
$ sudo apt install epiphany-browser

Additional (bonus) related application is here:
$ sudo apt install firefox-esr

Thank you very much!

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Is this the default browser or a substitute?
Is it possible to repair the already installed browser?

epiphany-browser is the default browser (as initially installed on Librem 5):

How to uninstall or repair the browser?

sudo apt-get --reinstall install epiphany-browser
At the moment epiphany not work good because a new bug somewhere, it worked good before like before youtube worked good so last night i tried to build top version epiphany-gtk4 + dep but unsuccess ATM.


Thank you Carlos, :pray:

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I want to recap the problem I have with the browser.
I went into the privacy settings/ personal data in the browser and misunderstanding what it meant to press the “clear data” button. I did and the marked with the “V” head lines disappeared. Including the cookies headline. I successfully restored from an initial local backup the “local storage data”. Tried again the restore, but no luck. “The cookies” are gone.
Is it possible to repair the browser or re-install the browser?
Appreciate the help.

Indeed, thank you @carlosgonz for so many good and important advices on this Forum!

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I tried to use the command you mentioned but I got the following result

There should be a SPACE following apt-get.

(The usage of every space, symbol, and character in a command is important, not subject to interpretation or random alteration.)


Thank you.
The command is as follows?
Sudo apt get reinstall install epiphany-browser

I don’t get the reinstall, install bit?

Thank you again.

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sudo apt-get --reinstall install epiphany-browser

Just a quirk of the command “language.”

TIP: Using the “up” and “down” arrows when you’re in the terminal allows you to cycle through your previous commands (and make minor corrections to them in order to run them the right way, without having to retype everything).


Good to know.
I run the command and got a package not found result.
Thank you for your help.

I just ran the command successfully. You must have typed it wrong.

BTW, when you uninstall a browser, your profile remains by default, so reinstalling will set a browser up the same way it was before deletion, including all your saved preferences, extensions (if applicable), etc.

You can, of course, go into the home folder and delete the browser profile if you want.

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Remind me how to uninstall the browser?
Thank you.

This way retains your existing profile:
sudo apt-get uninstall epiphany-browser

This way removes every trace, including your profile:
sudo apt-get purge epiphany-browser

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This is very helpful and I will try this solution!
Thank you.

By the way the pic shows me trying to reinstall

Are you connected to the internet?