Develop iOS on purism laptop

Today my rMBP early 2015 is bricked and full of proprietary software from Apple Inc. 128GB is full now
One major concern of me is iOS developing. I plan to run vBox and dev iOS both emulator and physical hardware.

32GB with 512GB is my target computer. Attach with FullHD 2 extended monitors

Does anybody here has experience this approach?
How laggy is it?

32GB ram w/ 512 GB SSD is easy and far cheaper on this platform than a mac. However, 2 external monitors isn’t realistically possible on the librem laptops as they currently only have a single video hdmi video output. The processor is a low power spec dual core, which can run VM’s ok but doing full blown ios dev inside a VM running MacOS would be less than ideal. Interestingly since the hardware is fully open people have had success running the librem laptop as a hackintosh which you could probably do as a dual boot.

Hackintosh info: Successful multi-boot OS X/macOS (hackintosh) on Purism hardware?

One of the reasons I stopped iOS development was because of the need to use proprietary hardware to create software. *

That said, I understand, and running a dual boot is one solution. However unless you are developing games for iOS, I don’t think a VM based solution is going to be too laggy.

    • although I still have a mac mini I keep just in case I change my mind.

Unless maybe you can get a USB device that gives you a second video output???

Or use an external video card???

Or what about using a Raspberry Pi as a display server i.e. remote display? The latest Raspberry Pi model even has dual HDMI outputs. So you could have three external monitors, plus the laptop’s built-in display.

3 years ago. I tried Hackintosh with my desktop and it went well until OSX rolled new update. kext breaks and black screen with 4 languages pop up to me. I am afraid that new update will break kext once again and Apple is doing that.

Thanks for sharing lo0

I don’t do gaming. I do utilities app CRUD on backend, received push notification, some eye candy animation on app. On thing that I found in my rMBP is simulator act weird, but that problem is not shown up in the physical hardware. Therefore have to buy iPhone for device testing!

Seems like I have to stay with Apple more moment. Since 2 extended monitors and iOS development still being needed on my project

Thank you 2disbetter for sharing