Disk decryption passphrase

I got my L5 and when I powered it up for the first time it says Enter the disk decryption password. I used 12345678, it asked again and I entered 123456. It said something very fast on a black scren and came up with the screen to swipe up to unlock where 123456 unlocks. Is this passphrase also as default 123456. Where is this documented?

I‘m so thankfull to Purism that after 4 years my dream came true: a real Linux phone!


It’s mistakenly been missing from the documentation. Sorry about that, we’re getting it updated.


yes, it should be 123456. I found it on page 7 of my quick start guide. Granted this was one from March.

Page 7 talks about the unlock screen, not about disk encryption key.


Are the password of the user purism and this disk decryption passphrase compared against the same value? How can I change both? It seems that for the unlocking code only digits are accepted?

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This is so timely, I was just getting ready to ask Tech Support this question, as I’ve just opened the box and started it up! Definitely need to get that into the manual. Handwritten in Sharpie if nothing else (don’t wait for new documentation).

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No, they are separate. The disk passphrase is a LUKS password, the user password is, well, the OS user password.

I think the user passphrase can be changed in settings (but yes, for now it’s numbers only), whereas I don’t think we have anything graphical to change disk encryption, but you can pick up any LUKS guide to change it from the command line.


I believe it can be changed via GUI in GNOME Disks.

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Yes, I tried, and it worked.
Disks > SD Card Reader > Partition 2, 31 GB LUKS > Gears button > Change Passphrase…

Which part is encrypted with this passphrase? Where /home/purism is, or something else?

Whole disk except /boot.

Sometimes, after entering the correct disk decryption passphrase, it says something after 5-6 secs in the middle of the black screen as one line that it has to cancel something related to decryption. It’s to fast to memorize it. I will try to capture it with the cam of another mobile… Or do you know what the message could be and wants to say?

Just Reflashed my L5 Phone, but LUKS Disk Encryption is not enabled.

How to reflash to get LUKS Disk Encryption?

Use this HowTo:

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Isn’t LUKS disk encryption now standard with the reflash process?

From the first post in this topic it seems disk encryption is now standard on new L5s.

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With the delivery of a new L5. If you want to use the encryption you have to flash it with the HowTo :slight_smile:

Why this complicated way?

There must be a factory image with LUKS disk encryption which can be provided and used with the official Reflash procedure.

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I received my Librem5 this week. Disk encryption was enabled by default.

Yes, after entering the decryption passphrase correctly, it says for a short moment

cryptsetup: crypt_root: set up successfully

Sometimes it gives an error message, even when the passphrase was correct. It seems this happens, when the shutdown was not executed correctly. Will try to find the pattern and grab a video of the message.

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That’s most likely fsck.