Display if CapsLock is activated at login?

There doesn’t seem to be any light on my 15 v3 keyboard indicating whether or not the caps lock is activated.

Something as simple as “CapsLock is on” would be helpful.

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I have been thinking about this as well. It obviously not needed but then again would a light on the key or elsewhere on the device. I would think it would be easier in the hardware for things like unlocking your hard drive. What do other people think? I believe there have been discussions of getting rid of caps lock all together. Crazy talk.
Personally it’s easy for me to “yeah just add a light on the next revision.” In reality that would probably be a major addition. Looking at the lack of comments so far this doesn’t seem important. Anybody have any thoughts?

It’s definitely been mentioned in a few other threads, such as this one: Enhancement request: CapsLock light

I absolutely think the lack of a CapsLock light was an oversight by Purism, and definitely hope it is added to the next revision!