Does anyone sell a Librem 5 in Spain/Europe? New, used or spot in the queue

Hi, I would like to buy a Librem 5, but my budget is limited. I can’t afford the current price, plus in my country they charge a very high tax.

Could anyone sell their Librem 5 for a reduced price? Or also your place in the queue.

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I’m still selling my brand new L5. If you’re interested you can PM me.


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Hi, thank you, but I’m on a tight budget. I would be interested in something like this:

  1. Librem 5 (Evergreen) 400 €

Another option (but one that I practically rule out): Spot in the queue 540 €

I find this kind of strange. So you are willing to pay for spot 540 € + all additional cost = around 800 € total and you’ll be waiting quite a lot. But for the same box, mine is still not open - only 400 €.
Of course it’s your choice. I can negotiate the price a bit but not that much. Happy shopping.

Sorry, at the time I wrote that message I didn’t think about all the additional costs. You are right.

What I am really looking for is a very good offer for a low price, although I am aware that it is difficult to find such an offer. But they recently sold an Evergreen for 400€.

There is another option, which is to buy a stand in the queue. This would perhaps allow me to get the Fir version and be able to save for a year or more.

I am practically going to rule out the latter option, as it comes with a much higher price in the end and a very high waiting time.

So for 400 euros you’re looking for someone to give up their spot for less than they paid?

Hi. I saw on this forum already sold an L5 for that price. I know it is difficult to find a similar offer.

There’s nothing wrong with asking.

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Yeah, I think that one was very much an exception; probably the seller just wanted to unload it and didn’t care much about the money.

From what I’ve seen for sale on eBay and also in this forum, people are successfully selling for more, covering both the cost of their L5 and any VAT+delivery charges they had to pay.