SALE Librem 5 - Evergreen European modem + additional battery


I just received Librem 5 (with BM818-E1 modem).
It’s brand new. Box is not open yet. I ordered also an additional battery.

I ordered it in 2017, but I changed my daily phone to new android so I don’t need this anymore.
I paid a total of about 850€ with all the taxes and shipping fees.

I’m selling it for 850€ + shipping



You’ll probably have better luck if you go ahead and open the box and post a picture of the contents and the phone working. I get that it sort of loses its “brand new” appeal that way, but if Purism shipped you a defective phone and then you sold that, the buyer would be screwed.

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Yeah. I was thinking the same. I’ll open the box and post some pictures tomorrow.

Hello Skemp,

I am interested in buying it. If you live Germany I may be able to drive to you, get it and pay cash.
How to get in touch with you?


Hi. I’m from Slovenia. If you’re interested you can send me a pm for additional information.

Hi. I am not interested any more, because the risk is too high for me paying for something that may exist hundrets of kilometers away and may be shipped.

Wow. What is the problem to make a video call for example in Telegram and have a look that the product exists?
And what is the problem to go by car from Germany to Slovenia and spend a couple of days on the sea shore?
It is a matter of how a person sees life. :upside_down_face:


Well, rules are known here (and probably include delivery with the related shipment tracking), rules that do not include that @Skemp wants to meet potential buyer in person:

Although shipping address given might be indeed located in Portorož :grin:.

Pyco wrote in his first post that if it is Germany, he or she may be able to drive to Skemp :wink:
And as many Germans travel from Germany to Slovenia by car or camper in the summer, it is not that crazy. :wink:

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I do not own a car, but I may be able to borrow one for a days trip. Slovenia is too far away and fuel costs would be more than 100 Euros.
Job-wise I am not able to plan a single full free day within the next months.
And if I spent such an amount of money for buying something from a private person from another country, I want to verify it by myself that it is in a good shape before paying.

Whish you best of luck

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Do you still sell this phone?

To me it looks like that @Skemp didn’t received requested money yet: Does anyone sell a Librem 5 in Spain/Europe? New, used or spot in the queue.

P.S. If you miss this offer (like other people playing here some back and forth “game”) just do not expect to see similar one any time soon.



the phone is still available. If you’re interested you can send me a pm.

Best regards

I am not allowd to send you a PM:

Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.