Does the Librem 5 fit my pocket

Having pre-ordered the Librem 5, I have been wondering about the actual size of the phone.
So far, I have owned (really?) smaller phones of different brands. To my mind mobile pones should be small enough to comfortably fit my pocket. My current phone, for instance, is a Microsoft (Nokia, more like!) Lumia 640.
The Librem 5 will have a screen that is at least a full inch bigger than the Nokia’s, making it a lot less pocketable.

What’s more, there is a bit of an ominous statement elsewhere on this site, telling us that the 5 is not going to be particularly slender either.

Although I am a big fan of the audio mini jack, this has me wondering, and, frankly, slightly worried.

So, my question is: how hedty will it turn out be?

In other words, can we please see a genuine prototype, including a side view, shortly? Please…

Keep up the good work!

It’s not the final design but it may help you:

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I really like this. Using a fairphone 2 now and I really like that it is not super thin. If it means I can replace a battery or part I don’t mind it at all!

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Thanks for the replies. Very informative.
Compared to my Lumia the L5 will be quite a handful for sure.
But I do like the looks, and I really don’t think the size is going to be an issue.

I wish every smartphone had this mentality, instead of them being made intentionally difficult or impossible to service on the user end. This is another part of why I am such a huge fan of what Purism is after; I want to just own a good phone and keep it repaired instead of having an endless succession of throwaway devices.