Dogwood & Dogwood more Dogwood

Hot :blush:

I don’t think it will get hot enough to burn you, but that’s purely speculation.

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I certainly don’t either, but I have, for example, an external m.2 drive, and its metal case gets surprisingly hot. It made me wonder about the L5.


I’ve had a phone over-heat before. It was an iPhone 6. It was doing telematics (something I was working on), including constant geolocation updates. I also had it plugged in, as constant geolocation updates can drain a battery fast. But charging a phone under heavy load will make it even hotter.

I picked up the iPhone 6 to see how it was doing (mapping, acceleration, etc), and it was HOT!! A moment later a message came up warning that the phone was too hot, and was shutting down.

If that phone had been in my pocket, I’m sure I would have felt it. Not quite hot enough to burn, but it would have been uncomfortable. The iPhone case was metal, and might have been doing something similar to how the Librem 5 is planning to cool.


hey, look ! there’s some crotch air circulation … FINALLY >

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in the short term - YES you will MIND ALOT if that happens near your genitals.

in the LONG term you will MIND MORE - why ?

The temperature of the testes is maintained at about thirty-five degrees Celsius (ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit), which is below normal body temperature. Temperature has to be lower than normal in order for spermatogenesis (sperm production) to take place.

taken out of context from >

i’m sure that SOME of Purism customers are in the MEDICAL profession and might give more insight on that …


How about an external phone watercooling…?! :cold_face:

Yes, it exists. :grimacing: But may not fit L5… :anger:


i’m more partial to the beard than the water-cooling loop …

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The box says that it fits 99% of all phones. Sadly I’m afraid that the Librem 5 is part of the 1% of all phones.


Yeah, that’s what I was referring to. It’s an interesting design choice: they could have made it a block with a clamp system so it would really fit almost any phone (instead of using phone specific shape. A quick release is a must, as no-one would walk around with that (even if they’d take it with to the beach or something).

Aaand… the more I think about it, a block like that would be easy enough to make. That system uses pretty standard parts and the process is simple to create (as long as I can make it water tight and on that I trust myself more that the item on the video). But for a more sophisticated version, this would be… cool :grin: … to have built in on a stand/hub for convergence/desktop use. Even useful, maybe, if workload is constantly high (really, any kind of additional cooling probably would be a good addition).


Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone, there are lots of good points of discussion here and some great questions raised.

But we do need, MORE PICTURES, MORE VIDEOS, MORE MORE MORE :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


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He’s a Purism employee, but Dogwood arrives!


I am also a purism employee but here are some pictures of Dogwood:

Back cover removed and no battery installed, the cover for the baseband and wifi/bt module also removed:


Some apps open:

In my garden resting while listening to podcasts:

Some screenshots of PPM (Pre Paid Manager), an app to developed by Guido Günther to check the balance of Pre paid cards, and to charge them with USSD codes (already available in the Librem 5). (And chatty will very soon support USSD, in a merge request coming soon).

I have been using; GNOME podcasts, Lollypop and Shortwave a lot, also web apps with epiphany and a bit of ssh.
Calls and SMS worked straight out of the box with my carrier. With Mobile data, my carrier has multiple APN settings so it was a question of pressing a button to select the correct one.


If you wouldn’t mind saying, who is your carrier? :ear:

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It is visible in the screenshots of the PPM app :wink:

I have a prepaid card from AldiTalk/MedionMobile in Germany. The reason because I put the screenshots of PPM was that I ended up using it :slight_smile:

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Hi, please how much are the fees/ customs for Germany ? Would be nice to get something more structured from Purism. Why not include this product in @nicole.faerber s business/shop? I thought she might run the business for Europe…


@Jan1 There has been multiple threads about this before, here’s one of them.


:man_facepalming: Híjole…

Hello Jan1,

i ordered my Phone as import from California. Right now its important how much your Bank will get for the Change from Euro to Dollar. With some ugly Bank like Deutsche Bank i payed between 20 to 50 Euro for that service. However what you pay will depend on the Euro to Dollar Change too.

With the tax, i have no import Tax, right know because Smart Phones seem to be free. But i will have to pay “Mehrwertsteuer” at our “Zoll”. However, try to send it with FedEx it seems that you pay this Company to pay for Zoll and they deliver it to your Home. And you have to pay your FedEx servant for this. With DHL you have to collect it at your Local Zoll.

I payed between 550 and 600 Euro and have 0,16 Mwst i should pay the Zoll 88 to 96 Euros with 16 Percent value added tax.

If you have not some penny to waste. Just wait for Fire Hardware and the German imports. I’ll don’t because i be afraid that corona and the world destabilization can brake some supplier Lines for this best Hardware ever! :wink:

So, am I the only one who prefers a thicker phone (easier to hold) and doesn’t mind it a bit heavier (stays put better when set down and “mentally” feels like it’s higher quality)? I guess it helps if you normally have it in some kind of bag or backpack rather than a pocket.


a) I will reserve judgement until I get the phone.

b) It’s not like it really matters what I prefer because it’s not like I have a choice.

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