Librem 5 Price TTC by country

Hi there,
The delivery date of the Librem 5 is approaching (or is already there). What is the price of the phone in your country now (net price + freight + taxes + fees for collection)? Who has OWN real experiences for his/her country with the delivery?

Proposal: Maybe write in your local currencies, this might be easier to understand for local readers.

(I read an article about a competitors phone that the price of $ 150 goes up to € 290 at the end)
Please: Only list your detailed amounts without discussions…

Summary of replies (replies until now all - expectations - BEFORE real delivery!):

Librem 5 @ $750:
:sweden: $750 + 125 SEK import fee + 25% import tax / 750+13.85+187.5=951.35 USD in total

Librem 5 @ $599 (preordered):
:de: $599, plus 19% VAT plus DHL customs handling fee (I think 20 bucks). In total: $ 715 to 735 (incl. VAT at 16%)

Thanks so far!

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Price of the device with shipping is $750, for my country (Sweden) the price for importing a Librem 5 would be exactly:

$750 + 125 SEK import fee + 25% import tax

In USD that would be

750+13.85+187.5=951.35 USD in total

NOTE: I have not received my Librem 5, but I have imported things from the US multiple times before and this calculation has always been correct.

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:de: In my case: preordered for $599, plus 19% VAT plus DHL customs handling fee (I think 20 bucks).
If they manage to ship before December, I’ll benefit from Corona-caused lower VAT (16%).
In total: $ 715 to 735.

Related note: CAUTION
I advise to NOT order in-stock items together with pending items.
In April I ordered a laptop and the Mini.
Laptop arrived within 10 days.
Mini came a week ago, DHL requested a payment proof. I submitted it, carefully noting that the shipment only contained one part. Purism properly had hat the correct value on the shipping documents.
Yet, DHL managed to charge VAT for the whole order and was unhelpful. They’d charge 50 bucks to correct their mistake, so I decided to do that directly with the customs office. Now waiting to get my money back from the customs office.
Again: neither me nor Purism at fault.
(but shipping from the EU would help of course…)


So, do you see problems with PureBoot Bundle Plus, id est Librem Key shipped separately from computer?

Ha, good question. I guess the same thing could happen.
It was the first time DHL requested a payment proof before delivery. I don’t know if it’s new or if it only happened because they know my phone number and could text me before delivery. But the DHL support guy told me it’s not a rare problem and promised to forward my criticism that the online form to submit the payment proof sucks and has no way of explicitly marking it as partial shipment or similar.

My librem 5 will also be shipped to Germany. What will I have to do so that it is going to be delivered with DHL including the customs clearance? Thanks in advance.

Without import fees $750 USD in Venezuela it would cost about 65.090.000 Bolivars, or about 1000 lbs of cheese. Bring an extra 100 pounds of cheese to bribe the Customs guard.


what if that particular customs guard is a vegan ? :innocent:

I’ve never tried the bribery route in Bolivia, but the vast majority of electronics is smuggled into the country to avoid the import duties. The import duties are 29.5%, which works out to $599 + 176.71 = $775.71, but it often takes 3-4 weeks to resolve and multiple trips to submit the paperwork in the right way, and you lose a couple dollars in the conversion. I had planned to have the Librem 5 shipped to a family member in the US, and then bring it back on my next visit, but with the coronavirus banning all travel, I will have to pay the darn import duties.

I’m not mad that the coronavirus forced me to cancel my own wedding. Instead, I’m getting mad because the coronavirus will force me to pay import duties on electronics. Man, the world is unfair! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You don’t think the bribe is for the guard do you?

It’s so he can sell it on the black market.


In the old days to smuggle electronics or even consumer goods into Bolivia you’d bring two of the same item. One item would get conveniently lost at the customs table. Two transistor radios for example, or two skateboards. (Even guards have kids.) Or just plain extra cash would have done it.

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That’s fine with me too as long as he (and such market) continues to protect my privacy :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:.

In addition:

We would have one DHL SHIPMENT TRACKING number to follow, not several ones. Trust me, I didn’t pay one cent extra delivery fee to my German DHL and still received PPv2 (directly from DHL), just made money wire transfer for calculated VAT of 19% directly to DHL, after Customs officer accepted proof of my particular payment to PINE64. Needed customer to Purism workaround/coordination I already proposed long time ago (from my side) somewhere in this Forum (so Purism can keep full amount of 599,00 USD for L5). In short, by sending to Customs office receipt for L5 phone purchase with one additional receipt of paying DHL in advance, before arranged delivery, proof of address, etc. after initial contact from Purism side. We might share costs with Purism and I’d gladly pay 20,00 USD to Purism in advance (as they are sort of covering delivery cost for L5) if they accept such safe arrangement over DHL postal service (at least for us from EU). Sorry to bother again if someone insist to make everything happen hard way for DHL and Customs office (of course customer will cover unnecessary additional costs of current chaotic delivery option, from DHL side of view, but still only one that exists if you ask Purism). Other way around would be to tell that I’m just stupid, so please why not, just make simple proof first, change something on the path of accustomed delivery method, be alive, don’t pollute if not necessary (even though I have enough money to solve this), as described above .

Track provided shipment trucking number, find out shipment trucking number. Reading this post of mine might help.

EDIT: Actually (high probability if nothing changes from Purism side or not registered with DHL like @Caliga) you are going to receive official brief from DHL, with full instructions:

@Caliga I might be wrong, but i think, that’s not enough.

  • Conversion $ to € at current rates
  • equivalent of 599$ is the price taken as calculation-base (Zoll-Wert, no shipment this time)
  • Zoll = Zollwert x Zollsatz depending on Zoll-Tarif

Payment on top of $599 = Zoll + VAT (19/16% VAT of Zoll-Wert + Zoll).

Unfortunately in your calculation you missed the so called Verbrauchssteuer respectively Zoll-Abgabe. That probably adds a tripple-digit value on top. I suggest, researching the calculation again.

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I think Caliga is correct. As far as I know, there is no Verbrauchssteuer on smartphones. Verbrauchssteuern would be on alcohol, cigarettes… There is also no Zoll on mobile phones. And it also is the same if you do ($ to €)*VAT or ($*VAT) to €.

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Yes, but there is Kapitalbereitstellungsprovision (yet not an issue at all).

– Order details (includes up front covered delivery cost) with total amount of $179.99:

– Receipt from DHL with total amount of €46.09:

and Mehrwertsteuer on top of the Kapitalbereitstellungsprovision. :open_mouth:

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@kieran, I’ve just gave something to eat to “my” birds, wild ones. As well, I provided here two options: PPv2 one with in advance payed DHL delivery to Germany and the one without calculated postal delivery cost (also from DHL) up front (*.jpeg file above), that includes amounts (Kosten) of €28.50 plus Auslagepauschale of €6.00, without calculated/added VAT amount. So I provided ingredients for option A (Phone with included DHL delivery cost) and ingredients for option B (Phone without included DHL delivery cost, up front). In short, I provided two recipes but don’t want to calculate myself how much is Librem 5 going to cost end user (in Germany), for smartphone delivery that is going to be calculated (from official side) on top of $599.00. Perhaps we will find out soon which option is (much) cheaper (if someone thinks that PINE64 DHL option is expensive)?

“Soon” might depend on which batch you are in - but the only two certainties in life are death and taxes.


Never saw that comparison, but funny enough they somehow seem to somewhat fit together well… :wink:

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