Dogwood, how about some updates on thermals?

According to the last posts from Purism, when they start shipping, they announce it, so they are still testing the Dogwood batch.
I suppose shipment for next week, since the predefined shipping window of every batch always starts and ends on Tuesday, I bet on 21 July.

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I add that last shipments always started on Tuesday:
Aspen batch shipped on Tuesday 24 September
Birtch batch shipped on Tuesday 26 November
Librem Mini shipped on Tuesday 23 June
For Chesnut batch there was not an official announcement, it was shipped at the end of December.
So Tuesday is the preferred day because clearly on Monday they take important decisions.


Looks like it’s back to waiting with no idea of what to expect and when to expect it. This is no way to run a business.

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It seems I chose the wrong Tuesday.


It was a nice theory. Although… there are a couple of hours left on some timezones if you want to keep hope alive :slight_smile: Or maybe they are sent but the announcement comes later…

Don’t worry folks. We’re working on it as we speak.


And here I thought you all were streaming GUADEC 2020 :slight_smile:
Would have been convenient to have an announcement there…

Non-Purism-employee, non-affiliated customer here: Dogwood on its way :slight_smile:

I received my shipping alert email from Purism more than a week ago. From what I understand from previous batches, this means that shipping is imminent. I was so happy that close to three years waiting was coming to an end!

In addition to the phone, I wanted to get a spare battery right from the start, which turns out is currently not an option. I also would have preferred the PLS8 modem over the BroadMobi one. Purism offered me to wait until Evergreen, and I seriously considered doing that. But…I deliberately took a risk on this project in September 2017, and I wanted the phone I backed. So Dogwood it is.

However, because of challenges in my end, I have asked Purism to delay shipment about two weeks. So the phone will not be on its way in the real sense of the word until August, that was just in my enthusiastic mind speaking a couple of days ago. Things can still go wrong, and I’m sorry that I mislead you.


That’s great news :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what to think of this comment, it seems obvious to me that people are working on it. If there weren’t, then that would be an even bigger problem.
It’s good to know nonetheless, but it’s not a lot to go by if you have been waiting for years :slight_smile:
No offense, but having something concrete would be nice.

Depends what “it” is. If “it” is literally, physically getting Dogwood out the door to customers then that’s great - and that is a milestone along the way. Hopefully we can now get some expectations for when Evergreen will go out the door.

Yeah that would be the end goal. What would be great if we would finally get a realistic estimate of how long it takes to ship. Obviously those estimates might change, but if we would at least get notified of such a delay that would be a humongous stride in the right direction. There is a limit to how much patience someone has, and I guess for me personally that has been reached. I’m afraid I have to cancel my order if I don’t hear something soon, because If i wanted to invest in something I’d start buying stocks, not phones I never receive.
I still want it of course, but I want to know how long I need to wait, instead of getting excited every time i hear something, and then get disappointed when purism doesn’t deliver. (I’m talking shipment dates specifically).
Btw if this comes off as angry, then that’s not giving off the right message. I don’t really know of a better way to word my frustration than the way I’ve written it. I’m not blaming anyone, but just frustrated with the way things are going.


I don’t know, I think it has been talked about ad nauseum around here. But Purism is a small fish in a VERY BIG and VERY CROWDED pond. Not a lot of things when it comes to the supply chain, etc are really in their favor.

Also don’t forget that their very business model goes completely against the established industry.

Just based on the sheer complication of such a task, I wish people would stop focusing on how Purism doesn’t behave like Apple or Google in the business world, and just accept that enough of their products have gone out, and the way they go out, and the way they are pre-ordered, is an established thing. I’m not saying to give bad business practices a pass. I’m saying don’t focus on them now. What good is having your bone, if you lost the yard to bury it in?

I hope that one day they can get to the revenue streams that allow them solidify their business ends, but until then, just remember, there isn’t another company out there doing what they are.


I regret the wording there, and have edited my post to better reflect the situation. TL;DR: Phone will not be on its way until August.

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This seems relevant, considering the title of this thread:


It is :slight_smile: thanks!

One question that I couldn’t quite see answered is … time between charges with modem on, WiFi off, screen off?

In my situation, if WiFi has relevance, it is probably because I am at home, in which case charging is always a possibility … whereas if I am out and about, that’s where charging may be difficult or impossible, I probably don’t need WiFi, but the modem is probably on (unless I have HKd it because I am sick of the government tracking me :wink: ).

I would also be interested in seeing how the battery goes with heavy GPS usage. I know that on my current spiPhone, this is horrible. If doing in car navigation, you pretty much have to put the phone on charge in the car. Otherwise the battery percentage is moving about as quickly as the blue spot on the map. LOL.


What causes the higher power draw in Dogwood?


The 12V fast charging is the big news in this update. Getting a 64% charge in 60 minutes isn’t great, but it certainly beats slow charging.

You can get fast charging by varying the voltage (eg, Snapdragon’s Quick Charge) or you can vary the amperage (eg, Oppo/Vivo/OnePlus/Realme’s VOOC) or do both (eg, Quick Charge 5.0 and SuperVOOC)

It looks like Purism chose the method of varying the voltage, whereas PINE64 chose the method of varying the amperage for its fast charging. From what I understand varying the amperage has advantages in terms of limiting the heat in the wires because it has lower resistance, but varying amperage is harder to do than varying voltage.

I think that the Librem 5 is using 1.5 amps, so its max charging is 12V x 1.5A = 18W, whereas the PinePhone is 5V x 3A = 15W. Interestingly, the bq25890 chip on the Librem5 allows for varying either the voltage or the amperage, so Purism could do either with the Librem 5.


I’m far from an expert on this, but isn’t it the opposite? Higher voltage has lower resistance and the lower the resistance the lower the temperature of the cable will be because the electrical transfer in the cable loses less energy. That’s the reason why the electrical grid runs at higher voltages than your household, so it’s more efficient and gets less warm.