Download link for mobile os


Where is the link to download the mobile OS? I am looking to emulate with VirtualBox of qemu to test out the functionality before getting a phone. Of course, vbox won’t work unless there are x86 downloads, but qemu should be able to emulate an arm/aarch64 build.


There is even an x86 Image here:

See also this post: Running imx6.img in Gnome Boxes


Great thank you! From those pages, I found this page which talks about exactly what I’m doing.


Can you explain to me how to get it running in VirtualBox on OSX?

I downloaded the qemu-x86_64.img.xz and qemu-x86_64.qcow2 (#698) from
But Virtualbox doesn’t accept img as a boot medium.

First attempt: I tried to convert img to iso like this:
hdiutil convert qemu-x86_64.img -format UDTO -o output.iso
or just rename the file from *.img to *.iso but both didn’t work.

Second attempt: I tried to convert the img file to vdi:
VBoxManage convertfromraw qemu-x86_64.img virtual_disk.vdi
I got it booting and I was able to choose to boot “GNU/Gnome” but after that it stucks in a black screen.

Last attempt: I tried to set the qcow2 file as Virtual Hard Disc file but Virtualbox tells me “VBOX_E_IPRT_ERROR (0x80BB0005)”

I feel dumb now.


I didn’t try to get it running in vbox, mostly because QEMU is much easier. Just grab it for your system via homebrew (see here, and than stick to the doc.


If you are able to test the software, maybe this is of interest for some you: