Dual sim on librem5


As nobody said it is, assume it is not until they do.


As they said in their recent blog post, they doesn’t figured out which modem to use as they doesn’t have a manufacturer yet. So not clear if the modem /baseband supports it and i doubt this is an important feature they look for. Might be on board if they have the choice between otherwise equal options.
The article also said that separating cpu and baseband needs more space. Which also make a second simcard slot more unlikely. Therefore i would say another indicator for being as low priority target or rather an features which potentially opponents a lot more crucial and important features.
But hey all this are just my speculations.


I agree with @ramnasko, in their Phone Progress Report Nicole states their list of manufacturers is narrowed to:

  • Manufacturers of baseband separated from CPU
  • Manufacturers willing to open their specifications in order to produce non-proprietary code
  • Manufacturers willing to work with the not-yet-released i.MX8 board

There already is not much choice. Having a dual-sim modem, though appealing, does not seem realistic.


I am hoping that if a dual sim is not implemented, then the software for this device can be ported: https://www.magic-sim.com/ It may be a good option?


Sorry for being late to the party… I ordered a 5 but I really hope it will come with dual sim also. Many Chinese phones support this, but for those of us with work SIMs and private SIMs it is just so much easier to only carry one handset. Please save me from going back to two phone hell. Thanks


No news about dual SIM support ?


Accoding to my knowledge, the modem has not been chosen yet, so it is unlikely whether it will be possible to have dual sim. What should be possible hardware: Connect a second modem with integrated SIM-slot via USB. If there will be a decision to implement dual SIM in the hardware itself, it will certainly be announced via the blog.


Would be an awesome decision, given the oportunity.


Is this now 100% that we will get only single SIM?


This is actually horribly because it makes the phone not usable for me :frowning:
Can I step out of the funding?
This phone will be lying in a drawer or I will have to re-sell it.
I need a number for my work and my private number. I do not want to mix those different circle of people and I certainly do not want to run around with two phones.

EDIT: Does anyone know whom to approach, to clarify the exit out of the funding. Maybe some people already tried or a member of purism reads this and explains it.


Well yes, seems like dual sim is out (might have been considered not very useful since most people use only one sim), if you want to get a refund you can check this out.
Just a small question here, if you really want to have 2 numbers why does it bother you to use 2 phones?


Why I do not want to have a second phone? Well my pockets are already full as it is.
Two phones means caring for two as well. Charging, updating, not forgetting at home. Yes they are small things and certainly can be dealt with but life is simply easier with one.
Furthermore I am saving money as well right now as only one SIM needs to have the data option enabled. If I have two phones then both need to have internet.

Thanks for the Link :slight_smile:


Under Baseband it says

Gemalto PLS8 3G/4G modem w/ single sim on replaceable M.2 card

So I guess it should be possible to swap it for a dual sim one? I’m sure many would like a dual sim phone as well, and when they’ll find a way to hack the Librem 5 and do that, they’ll most probably share their experience with the community. :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat. Dual SIM is essential for work purposes these days; one line for family and one for business on a single device has simplified my daily life a lot compared to lugging around two different devices altogether.


for what it wants and needs to be i think purism has made the honest choice regarding producing a libre smartphone device with only single sim on removable m2 card. considering their constraints on hardware and software design they have made a pretty good job with some exceptions regarding the battery.

a real dual sim ( simulataneos dual-network ) is a rare find and is not as energy efficient as a single sim one. the main reason beeing in that it has to simultaneosly send/receive on both networks thus making everithing a convoluted mess.

if you need to separate business from pleasure the obious choice would be two separate devices that allow you to remain active throughout the day without worring about battery life. if space and differentiation is a problem use smaller phones with different colors or different bumpers.

blackberry is a beast in that department because they have those sweet phone holsters that you can keep on your belt and are general work horses even if they are a little old (the physical keyboard type-ones with the hot-swapable batteries).


My Linux based BQ E4.5 (UBports) has got two SIM slots and I have two SIM inserted of different network providers here in Germany (O2 and Telekom). The latter one is a prepaid one which I do have for tests purpose only. I could disable the slot or withdraw the SIM if energy would be a concern. I don’t. Having two slots as well in the L5 would be nice, but is not a show stopper for me.


Living as a Danish expat in Lithuania, a single phone with dual SIM is a must have for making and accepting those international calls free of charge. Most people prefer to dial a national number to an international due to phone company policies, even if no extra cost is implied (thx EU!).
The bottom line is that dual SIM is a must-have for me. If librem5 had dual SIM, I would order one today as my phone is aging and I’m looking for a replacement.


So makes it +1 times x for Dual Sim

So maybe Purism can still get it going. We could nag them on the chat as well :japanese_ogre:


You could nag but it won’t really help, and someone might suggest that you buy two Librem 5 phones instead. :wink:


buy as many librem 5s you can carry on you MOLLE commando vest. equip a backpack with a librem 15 and your ready to roll…


It still is a real pity that they decided to go for single sim. Now the use of the Librem 5 for me decreased quite a bit.
I need two numbers. A work and a private one, which I certainly do NOT want to mix.
I am quite sad :frowning:

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