Earbuds that came with L5

While reading topic L5 the One Way Radio
ASwyD2 posted an image of the earbuds he received with the L5.

I did not reveive such earbuds. I got simple earbuds without mic or volume control.
Where those buds upgraded for later (recently) ordered L5’s?
See: https://forums.puri.sm/uploads/default/original/2X/a/a30446c679e3bba5d2d1b5432f10514a5b41dc89.jpeg


When did you receive your Librem 5?

I received mine in January 2021 and I seemingly have the earbuds with mic and volume control (they look the same as the posted photo anyway).


I had to look it up, but the firts L5 was shipped in March (8th), 2022
A second L5 was received in November (22), 2022.
Both L5’s got standard earbuds without volume control and/or mic.


@ASwyD2 ?


I also have the earbuds with the microphone and volume control, although the volume control buttons do not work at all on mine.

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So can one assume that if it has volume control, there is also a mic?

(Inversely, if there is no volume control there is no mic.)


I ordered it in May of 2022 and received it on August 17 2022 (L5 USA Edition)

Same, but my buttons do work on different devices, just not the L5

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So, am I the only one or are there ppl out there who also received regular earbuds. :unamused:


Can you share a photo of it? I am having difficulty imagining what “regular earbuds” actually look like.

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A picture is worth a thousand words but in the absence of that, the difference should be: The connector would be TRS (three segments in plug) c.f. TRRS (four segments in plug, 4 conductors) - the extra conductor being for the microphone’s signal.

Regular earbuds will likely also not have a volume control at all.

My buttons on the Librem 5 earbuds don’t work on my desktop.

AIUI, support for volume control on such an audio connector is

a) an ungodly hack, and
b) requires support in the hardware, and
c) requires the support in the hardware to be compatible with the support in the headset (there are multiple standards - gotta love that), and
d) of course requires support in the software to respond to volume change events from the hardware.


I’m deeply ashamed of myself. I was totally wrong about the received earbuds.
I wanted to make a picture of the received earbuds and examined the earbuds more carefully.
What is the case: Those earbuds aren’t the one I actually received. Those earbuds appear to be of another, old cellphone I once owned.
I obviously have placed them in the box of the L5.
What’s more is that the L5 earbuds where also in that same box, underneath the lower white plastic sheet. Now I feel truly stupid. :flushed:

Thank you all for replying and trying to help.