Email from Purism, thank you Purism 🙂

An idea for a market strategy at this point could be a kind of partnership. Yes, Purism did do all the heavy lifting up to now (sourcing, planning, engineering, developing, marketing, …), but if they lose this phone business, all the work up to now will have been done for others at best, and for nothing at least.

Given that Purism has built up the know-how on this kind of open phone thingy, external partners would be glad to not need to invent the wheel again. Being first is always hardest, being second is way easier.

A well chosen partner, maybe in another region (EU might be advantageous because of potential market size and harmonized regulations and market rules) could speed up the market placement of the phone and therefore speed up further development.

There are reasons if Android has had such an enormous market acceptance, and some of them might be replicated. I personally hope this particular Linux ecosystem succeeds on smartphone devices, but obviously in a market economy any economic venture has to play by the rules of the market.


I was today asked by Purism to confirm my shipping address and the modem type. My order dates are October 7 and 9 of 2017.


Sorry if I missed this, but this is not for L5-USA, right?

Edit: I mean for @guru’s order

The package is within DHL for one of my orders. Hurrrrrah! Thank you, Purism!


I was asked yesterday by Purism to confirm my shipping address and the modem type. My order date is October 7 of 2017


Please post your dates in structured form here: Estimate your Librem 5 shipping
and update it, when mail/shipment arrives. We collect the data there,


anybody else have not yet received the email from Purism? I know I know, still a few hours left to September on the USA’s west coast, but this is cutting it close…


Still waiting here as well! Maybe the person hitting the Send button is in Hawaii. That would tack on another hour or two :grinning:


Ay, still waiting to hear from my old order too. At this point I’d settle for an update and re-evaluation of previous statement. I’m kinda missing the monthly development update but would also like to get a monthly or bi-weekly message about how production is going - just to know it is.


It seems production has started up again, though, or at least shipping has, as people are starting to post about receiving their phones. Probably just kicking into gear now.

10pm in Hawaii now… 2 hours to go I guess haha

We will send a separate email later in September to each of you with a firm delivery date for your Librem 5 order.

Promises, promises
Sorry but after all these announcements, this is what’s crossing my mind.


I just want to share that we have a good word in our language describing those who behave like Purism and can’t even make a single click within the promised terms:распиздяй

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Thank you Purism, my L5 arrived! Danke! Спасибо! Gracias!


Did you receive an email with this promise? I didn’t (for phone #2). If you didn’t receive said email presumably you’re not in the ‘each of you’.

Has not arrived yet for me.

Yes, I DID receive that email where I quoted from and thus I expected that second email in September.
I’ve also send an email to Purism asking them if something went wrong, So far they havent responded.
Frustrating, very frustrating.

I would appreciate if they stick to their promise or don’t promise anything at all.


No email here either for a a firm delivery date as promised in the We will send a separate email later in September. I saw this as a hard promise, since one - I think - should be able to know ahead if you are able to confirm a firm delivery date until the end of the month. Otherwise you wouldn’t write that e-mail on the 8th day of the month.
I personally reached my limit on how many times I can accept a promises since ordering in march 2018 and go for a refund now.


Missing a prediction is ok. Especially if the vendor is building a product the world hasn’t seen before. If you ask me, I’m fine with that as a customer.

But you know what really makes me unhappy? Being ghosted by the vendor.

It takes less than ten minutes to draft a bulk email that says, “hey there, we’re still busy ramping up shipping, need more time to figure out our velocity, therefore no firm delivery date yet, thanks for your patience, stay tuned for our next update in four weeks.”

After all, we’re talking about a $1300 phone here (shipping, taxes and customs included.) One email like that would have been enough to keep me happy. Are the people at Purism not aware how much losing even a single customer costs them? A customer that not only never returns, but also isn’t ever going to spread the word to their friends? Are you aware how much money you’re leaving on the table?


I’m in this camp, although I recognize that an email acknowledging a miss likely has to go through more than a few hands before it’s released. That said, I’d think it would have been apparent to Purism on 9/29 than they weren’t in a position to satisfy this expectation and begun a process to draft an update. Being two days into October without even an hint of acknowledgment on their part is beginning to rankle my up-to-this-point willingness to make excuses on their behalf.

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