Email from Purism, thank you Purism 🙂

No, I don’t expect to get my phone in any kind of timely manner.

I was a Dogwood batch. I was assured I could switch to evergreen and be one of the first to get it. So I switched. I was then told I could switch to Librem 5 USA, and I would keep my place in line. I had to hold off because I was out of money, but I was assured that wold make no difference.

In other words, I should have got my Librem 5 USA as soon as I switched, since they were already filling orders from Evergreen switchers. Or rather, I should have got the very next one.

Evergreen people are getting their USA phones now.

When I ask what’s going on I get the standard explanation of supply chain issues. Which isn’t responsive to my point–why people who shouldn’t be ahead of me in line, clearly are.

So, I can’t expect them to keep ANY promises, now can I?


Were those promises, or estimates of how the transition would go for you based on the information they had at the time.

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Sounds like something is wrong on the side of Purism. I would contact them.

“Were those promises, or estimates of how the transition would go for you based on the information they had at the time.”

Estimates or promises? I am NOT asking for a specific ship date. I AM asking why I seem to have lost my place in line.

Even if some estimated delivery date had gone awry because of supply chain issues, I should still have got my phone before anyone in Elm did. I am complaining about my relative positioning, not my absolute positioning.

“Sounds like something is wrong on the side of Purism. I would contact them.”

I have contacted them. I get the standard form letter response about supply chain issues, which tells me they haven’t actually read the question I’m asking them, which is “why is my place in line not being honored?”

Incidentally the last email I got promised 6-8 weeks…the SAME thing a new purchaser is promised on the website. Clearly I’m not dogwood but rather dogshit.


My apologies for the confusion. My post was meant to be a lighthearted jab at how frequently Purism says some variation of “even though we said X shall happen, that was not a promise but an estimate based on the information we had at the time” in this case instead of a delivery estimate it was that you would be moved from dogwood to the front of evergreen which clearly didn’t happen and my intent was to parody the timeliness “that was an estimate” with this being “that was an estimate of where you’d be moved”.

I’m sorry I missed the mark there.


Sarcasm requires the inclusion of smiling emoji for context :laughing:

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Sarcasm can be indicated through the use of “/s”, usually at the end of the text.

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My apologies, OpojOJirYAIG. The failure was mine.

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I hope you will get your phone soon.

As i Understand, after you switch. They might have two lines for L5USA. One fore general order and one for LM5… and it may be that more peoples change before you to L5USA so that your line to wait is longer, as for new L5USA Buyers.

But i can not look inside the closes source code at, how to handle Orders.

Right now, we have a large issue with the cips worldwide. And if i got it right purism brought and pay for that cpus month ago. But with the lag of Resources and CPUs the Delivery Date is far far in the future.

So know that and try to buy some cpus on the spot market. For a price between twice or under the fifth of the original calculated price, but not above.

If they got some cpus they can produce some devices.

Here is the bug, it may be that purism got the needed parts late in 6 or 12 month or later… :confused:
Its how the world work right now. If you try to deliver a Sea Container via ship from China to Europe for example you have to pay ten times of the price of 2018. That can be a huge impact on this kind of globalization.