Enough is enough with Firefox

Joking or…?

No, the link you gave me actually won’t open on Brave, I had to open it using Tor.

Guessing you meant tor browser. Pretty suprising. Probably just to do with some sort of error. I doubt they would go to such censorship levels yet. You shouldn’t be connecting to tor through brave anyways.

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OK - if you try opening the link with Brave, you do get an initial message saying “This page has been blocked by Brave”. If you click on the purple “Open in Tor” button that appears in the location bar, Brave opens it just fine in a new Tor window.


Sorry I can’t take blanket statements like this seriously, no matter how convoluted the link left attempting to back it up.

Fact of the matter is if what you are suggesting was even remotely true it would be blasted all over the webs and Brave would have a huge PR nightmare and their users stats would be hemorrhaging.

That’s not happening. So unless you are the ONLY security minded individual in the know, or your expectations are not that held by others.

I read your link. Typical tin foil interpretation of security. Basically, if you like surfing the web like it is 1994, Brave is terrible.


Saying like 1994 is a bit much. Btw the article on the link doesn’t show all of brave. I think whitelisting of any FB travkers is reason enough to run for the hills. This project has no true community control.

They’ve also committed URL injection which they only back pedal on when people notice.

edit: Link above is garbage. I knew they had done URL injection and was just fetching for a a link for you guys to look at. Go here:


Or use another browser. :upside_down_face:

I’m fairly certain .onion links can only be opened with Tor (but you don’t have to use the Tor browser specifically).


FTP support has been removed from chromium and anything based on it for some time, so outside of things like Palemoon, you might not have an option but to use an FTP client.

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A onion site is a hidden service a part of tor. You are required to connect through tor to access. Same goes for zero net sites with zeronet same with eepsites on i2p etc.

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Adding referral information when autocompleting a web address is hardly URL injection.

More than that, it likely was an honest mistake as they said. Cancel culture rears its ugly head again :roll_eyes:


I see it as url injection because they injected a different link with them getting referal money. Isn’t really that bad on the scale but I dislike it an incredible amount. If it was an honest mistake, fine but I don’t think it truly was. I have no trust in brave. I don’t think I am on a high cancel culture horse. Brave has done multiple things that I would consider malicious so I think people should avoid it. I will never force someone to change their browser but instead suggest to them to switch away.

Rather than steer this topic off-course too much, I started a separate thread here about a simplified way to browse, interested on peoples thoughts.

Potentially someone might write an add-on (extension) for Firefox that gives you (back) an FTP client, as another option. After all, you can run an SSH client as a Firefox add-on (extension).

Such as?

As PureOS has moved to Gnome Web (Epiphany), have you tried that to see how well it addresses your concerns? If you use FTP in Firefox, does Gnome Web do FTP?

If FF is that bad, can someone suggest a “average” browser where I can least import my old FF bookmarks without reinventing the wheel?

And it isn’t spyware per user1 but I’m not wearing a tinfoil hat, I’m just an old guy saying “Get off my lawn!”

I share your pain :sob: this configuration gets more and more annoying and complex to solve each times they modify the UI
Remember when it was by default ?
Remember when they changed the default but put an option on the right click ?
Remember when they delete this option in the right click and put a boolean in the about:config ?
Remember when you could change this in a plug-in and they changed their plug-in system which do not permits this anymore ?
Remember when they delete this option in the about:config and you had to create a chrome.css to make it work again ?
And I’m talking only about 1 configuration, I’m less and less excited to update my configuration to make it disappear again :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Pale Moon should work for that. It’s basically Firefox without the annoyances. Even some older Firefox add-ons work or have been forked to work, although the browser code is evolving in favor of native add-ons specifically created for Pale Moon. I use it in addition to Firefox and Firefox-ESR.

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I don’t think I have said FF is spyware but yes it is to some small extent and annoying by default. By configuring it can be good. I’d suggest checking out librewolf if you like.

Thanks will check it out.

Thanks. BTW, it was what you said about Brave being spyware (and possibly other browsers), not FF.