EPSON (ET-3760) Printer & Scanner

The Good News is the printer portion automagically works 100% using the IPP Everywhere protocol. It even shows ink-level statistics. The problem I am having is the scanner of the ET-3760 isn’t working properly. The default “Simple Scan” app can’t even see it. I do not know where to set up the scanner so it does see the ET-3760 scanner.

Do I need to install anything like the scanner utility from EPSON?

Probably the printer is kind of new probably they will be included in the future. As I bought my ET-3600 I was running Debian 9 had to install some Scanner Driver from Epson. But with Debian 10 it works out of the box.
So here is a link to Epson Scanner Drivers for Linux, ET-3760 is supported.

That is as far as I got. I see the epson scanner utility in the apps section of PureOS is available. I click on the EPSON Scan Utility, put in the correct IP Address and the pre-scan settings show up no problem. However, I am using VMWare to test it. For some reason I can’t expand the Window so I can click on the “OK” button to scan my test document.

PureOS doesn’t seem to scale/expand with the VMWare OS Window so I can see the entire full pre-scan settings dialog, so I can’t “reach” for pressing either “OK” or “Cancel”. Here is the VM software I am using: VMWare Fusion 12 Home Use

I cannot expand the window big enough or properly to “reach” the “OK” button to test the scanner with test page. @taurhine

I haven’t use VMWare but I recall having to install VirtualBox Guest-Addons to be able to make the guest resolution rescale wen the host window resizes. So it is not really something missing in PureOS.
Btw. I don’t know why you are trying this inside WMWare, I thought you were done with windows :wink:
Anyway I guess tabbing through without seeing would eventually focus on the right button so you might try that or you find something similar to Guest-Addons for VMWare so that the screen rescales properly or you can give i3wm a try. It is a very powerful tiling window manager which gives you more control of the application windows than a traditional desktop environment. So you can even resize “fixed size” windows. It is still no guaranteed that the buttons will be properly aligned when you force the window to resize, as that is totally up to the application developer.

I am not yet able to purchase the hardware, as it is too expensive at this point.

I totally understand that. I had to go for the previous years model as the latest model was over my budget. Btw. in case you didn’t know, with Purism HW you are not just limited to PureOS, you can run any Linux Distro on it. So if you were to install the latest Ubuntu, probably your printers scan function would work out of the box. However, Ubuntu tends to have quite bleeding edge SW which are less tested than Debian so depending on what you do with it, you might have some hiccups. I prefer stability of Debian despite of the older SW and Drivers.

Try using the ‘scanimage --help’ command in the console. CLI may be the best choice in this situation.