EPSON Printer Driver installation Issues

I found the EPSON linux drivers for my printer and successfully executed the shell script included with the driver file. However, there are two issues:

  1. The printer isn’t actually printing the words, even though the paper feeds correctly; blank pages.
  2. I keep getting “No Devices” using the built-in scanning utility, even though the drivers are installed.

Running PureOS version 9 of debian. This is my last hang up to try and figure out. EPSON did have the “All-in-One” printer drivers for my printer model. Just those two issues need a fix. Otherwise it may prevent me from fully switching over to Pure OS in August.

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I thought PureOS 9 was based on Debian 10 Buster? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I too have an Epson printer but I haven’t attempted to get drivers for it on my PureOS install that’s on my laptop yet. What model Epson do you have? If it’s the same as mine I will give it a shot too.

My printer model is an EPSON ET-3760 (Eco-Tank). No luck with getting devices seen/recognized. Also I just get a blank page with no ink used. @ErraticEagle

I can probably test mine after work tomorrow. Mine is an XP-640.

@ErraticEagle Do let me know if you are able to get it working.

Please share, if successful, how you are able to get it working. I couldn’t see any errors in the command line during installation, yet the scanning and printing devices do not show up in the appropriate menu.

Also, for some unknown reason, it kept printing ink-free blank pages. Those are my issues.

Ill test and report once I can!

@ErraticEagle Thank you for doing so!

Printing and scanning use two different utilities. Printer support is built around CUPS so all you should have to do is go into Settings - Devices - Printers and click add. If its a USB or Network printer it will most likely show up.

Scanning uses SANE and should work out of the box for scanners and All in One Printers connected over USB. If over network you’ll generally need to do some command line work to get it going.

And PureOS 9 is based on Debian 10 “Buster” so any docs for Debian 10 (as long as it doesn’t need stuff from the non-free repos) should work on PureOS 9.

@Richard Thanks for replying. I will try adding the printer & scanner with an over the network connection. As for command line work, I do not know what script I should use to make the connection.

Edit: Additional software needed, no drivers could be found in Debian repositories. Until that software is found, I am unable to print.

Edit 2: Here is the link to the printer drivers for my model:
I did install the “All-in-One” driver, but no luck.

Edit 3: The settings/devices/printers area does see the printer on the network. However, even with the drivers directly installed from EPSON using a shell script, it still only prints blank pages.

Edit 4: I just tried printing again, and the print signal does go through, but it doesn’t print the actual “Test print page” text I created in Text Edit. The only printed thing is the number “8” on the page. No scanners detected either (i.e. “No Devices Found”).

have you > apt install cups ? as root (# su or sudo)

@reC I have not even considered that yet. I will give that a shot.

Edit: command line reports “cups is already the newest version (2.2.10-6). Cups set to manually installed”

If possible, it may be better to do the printer over the network but the scanner via USB. However for where you are at the moment, it doesn’t sound as if much will work regardless.

@Jonathanta Haven’t looked here?

@rcu I didn’t even know that webpage existed.

Edit: I have no idea where to start with that webpage or how to troubleshoot this kind of problem.

Edit 2: After I am in a much better financial situation personally and professionally, I wouldn’t mind buying a Purism Laptop for testing purposes; definitely not for production purposes. Especially if I can get my current printer to play nice with with the Purism OS.

Edit 3: In my search for Linux-Friendly Printers, I did find a printer compatibility page on the Linux Foundation website. My fathers’ theory is that my EPSON ET-3760 (“Eco-Tank”) is too new. I checked the following page and he is correct, my printer is not yet listed;

Edit 4: from a quick search of that database list, it seems that USB connections are working more smoothly than over Wifi, even for color print jobs. I only checked the EPSON “ET” series printers listed.

Check out the information at the link I provided. There is a lot of useful information and links on installing and administering printers and scanners. Also, make sure you are a member of the ‘lpadmin’ and ‘scanner’ groups:
id [username]
If you are not a member of these groups, add yourself to them:
sudo usermod -aG [groupname] [username]
HP and Epson printers and scanners have always had good Linux support. Also read about driverless printing.

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Ok. @rcu I will take a look and see what I can do with what you have given me.

Some of these replies have been informative. I meant to check with my printer yesterday but I got distracted. I will try tomorrow afternoon when I am off work and see if I too have any issues. I’ll have to dust off my printer since I haven’t used it in awhile :sweat_smile:

@ErraticEagle Have fun. I will look over those recent resources given over the weekend. Since rcu mentioned that HP and EPSON have good linux support, that is somewhat a bit of relief. Now I will just have to figure out the mechanics in the command line to make it happen.

If your system has cups on it and running you should be able to access the CUPS interface using your web-browser by navigating to:


From there you can add printers, manage printing defaults, etc much easier than attempting to use command line switches.

Best to make that link http://localhost:631/ i.e. not secure

There is a third option i.e. use the normal Linux settings GUI to manage printers.