eSIM-able SIM cards

At first I wanted to ask if Librem 5 supported eSIM but then realised that an eUICC chip is needed, so the answer is apparently no.

However, someone in the comments to this Reddit post claims that someone with Librem 5 has succeeded using (even though Purism is not in the list of their supported vendors).

Does someone here know anything about it? Is there any way of using eSIMs with Librem 5? Thanks :slight_smile:

I do use an SIM card in my Librem 5 (and I am the person who wrote that on reddit).

However, there’s no known way to provision such a SIM card with an eSIM profile on the Librem 5 (or any non-Android-running phone). Hence, I used my SHIFT 6mq to get the profile on the card, then took the card out and put it on my LIbrem 5.