Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

You need to be contacting Purism support, perhaps via messaging in this forum, rather than email.

Unless you are operating your own mail server for your own domain then you can never be sure about the “no spam”. There can be email that is delivered to your spam folder (medium level of confidence that it is spam) and there can be email that is dropped on the floor / rejected up front by your mail service provider (high level of confidence that it is spam).

I have had no problem in the past receiving email from their domain on general librem 5 shipping updates, delivery goals, prior comments sent to support, and their repeated investment funding requests. Unless this expected shipping email varies in some way then it should have been delivered. It still hasn’t and I am betting that its not due to my failure to receive but their failure to send. Shouldn’t they have a list somewhere of everyone to whom they promised to send a librem 5 after getting paid? And if they skipped over or missed me somehow they should catch up eventually. What difference does a few more weeks make on top of the 208 I already waited, especially considering the software state of the device?

Whatever the explanation, you have the Purism support dude telling you above that you should have received the email a week ago (give or take a timezone) and yet you haven’t. It sounds like you should be following up with Purism support.


Order Date: January 30, 2019
Shipped: January 24, 2023

Wait is almost over.


Everyone who pre-ordered a Librem 5 should be getting occasional status update emails and requests from Purism, asking if you want to invest in Purism financially. If you’re getting those, then Purism does have the correct email address for you and those messages are being delivered in to your in-box. If you are not getting those messages from Purism, then be worried because Purism obviously is not capable of sending emails to you that you can receive.

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Ok, here goes…
order date: 31/01/2019
mail received: 19/01/2023
shipped: 24/01/2023
received: 26/01/2023

So, it took four years before it was shipped, but it arrived in Amsterdam two days after being shipped.


It is really awesome seeing people that ordered after me getting theirs months before me.

Of the relatively few instances of this reported all of them appear to get resolved fairly promptly by contacting their support.

At least that’s been my observation.

Order Date:          January  30, 2019
Verification Email:  January 18, 2023
Invoice/Shipment:    January 24, 2023
Librem 5 Received:   January 27, 2023
Destination Country: France
Taxes: EUR 174.50 (accessories+DHL included)

thx Purism !


Did you opt for a “fir” build?

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Order Date:          January 30, 2019
Verification Email:  January 18, 2023
Invoice/Shipment:    January 25, 2023
Librem 5 Received:   January 28, 2023
Destination Country: USA

Phone arrived today January 31, 2023. :slight_smile:

Edit: Destination was Europe and it was held in customs for a while.


L5 receveid today, previous post updated
… (L5 is charging)
Thanks to Purism team


We sent you an email in November to which you replied, but the answer was not readable. We sent you an email asking for clarification two days later. But you replied two months later. In the meantime other units were shipped.


I realized you sent a follow up message, I think your email client isn’t showing modified replies


This was what we saw on our end. It is possible that this was an issue with showing a modified reply.


Huh, guess I won’t be using that method of response anymore


post a bit late to the party sorry
Ordered: 31/Jan/2019
Verification email: 19/Jan/2023
Shipped: 24/Jan/2023
Received: 28/Jan/2023
Country: UK
Duty, tax & fees (Librem + accessories, via DHL): £143.67


Got my verification email today, four years plus a day to the date I ordered it back on Feb 6, 2019 :3

Will update when received. Don’t give up!


Order Date: Feb 6, 2019
Verification Email: Feb 7, 2023
Shipped: Feb 8, 2023
Received: Feb 13, 2023
Country: Canada
Duty, tax and fees for Librem and accessories, $168.03 CAD


That is wonderful to hear! In some ways, waiting this long has made it even more exciting to have it delivered!