Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

The FTC grants companies seven working days to handle a refund. The vast majority of companies out there don’t have a problem with that. And if you do have problems with that you’re basically admitting you’re incapable to do business by the rules and as a consequence your company will get fined.


Gentlemen, this thread is for giving details about L5 shippings.
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Look on that thread. The time frames are much longer than you’re thinking. It shouldn’t take 6 months. Or two years …

No. I asked joao.azevado and he is a “Support Engineer”, not a “Developer”. He’s usually more directed toward hardware support, but he has frequently addressed issues on this forum about why their place in the queue was skipped.

It’s also not a prime number so there’s that.

Jep, that’s like mine.

Ordered: 2017-10-14
Asked for refund: 2021-10-18
Refunded: -
Money received: -

EU customer (Germany)
Promised refunding in “late September” (2021)

wait a minute … they - again - changed my oder-status to “awaiting shipment”

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Ordered: 09-Feb-2021
Verification email: 26-May-2023
Response: 05-June-2023
Shipment notification: TBC
Received: TBC

Accessories added to order so delivery will be delayed until payment has cleared.


Ordered: 2019-12-31
Verification Email: 2023-05-08
Shipping Notification: 2023-05-26
Phone Received: 2023-06-01

DHL did not ringing at the Door, so i could not receive it at the 2023-05-30

Love that Device


Ordered: 9/24/2019
Address Verification Mail: 4/17/2023
Shipping Information Sent: 5/17/23
Phone Received: 5/18/2023

Information from this thread was very helpful.


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Ordered: 12/17/2019
Address Verification Mail: 5/3/2023
Shipping Information Sent: 5/23/23
Phone Received: 5/28/2023

I ordered the phone originally but had to cancel to select a new payment card. They honored my original order date.


Ordered : Dec 2019
Phone Received : 5/31/2023

Finally got it. Cool.


Something new to say here :slightly_smiling_face:
Order Number: #Purism_9xxxxxxx3
Order Date: February 4, 2020
Address Verification email: 12-5-2023
Order Status: Awaiting Shipment

After three+ years waiting, my address changed and I replied today the confirmation email.


Mine was ordered Sep 2 2020 and was apparently shipped today (Jun 2 2023).

Edit 1: …and delivered June 8. A Pinephone has been my primary phone since Feb 2022. I’m hoping the M5 can take over that role.


Order Date: 2021-08-06
Address verification email: 2023-06-06
Response: 2023-06-06
Shipment notification:
Order Status: Awaiting Shipment


Shipping notice 06-06-23
Due here 06-10-23! FEDEX


Shipment Notification : June 8th 2023 (confirmation for 9 ordered items including spare parts)

Shipment Delivery : June 14th 2023 (package contained some unexpected material, contacted @joao.azevedo)
evening same day: @joao.azevedo had sorted out what to do about this
June 15th 2023: unpacked my new (2nd) Librem5 :slight_smile:


Received 2023-06-10

This thing is super cool. Thanks Purism.


Glad to finally be posting here!

Order Date:            Oct 04, 2020
Verification Email:  May 23, 2023
Shipped:                 Jun 08, 2023
Received:               Jun 10, 2023
Destination:            California, USA

My Librem 5 is working well and nicely engineered. I can tell the OS/software has come a long way since the early days; it is quite usable and clean. Thanks Purism!


Order Date: September 24, 2019
Address Verification email: April 17, 2023
Response: April 19, 2023
Shipment Notification:
Destination: USA

I have not gotten any response as to the cause of the delay. I swapped out the AweSIM plan for the less-expensive SIMple plan, but otherwise I asked for nothing else except the phone (no extra batteries, etc.).

Starting with the first email notification, responses were very quick, but when I started asking what was causing the delay I TWICE was given the runaround, aka “It will ship in two weeks”. The last “two week” notice was 17 days ago.

I suggested that if the AweSIM/SIMple change was the source of the delay, then I was willing simply to forget the plans and to have the phone shipped as is, and never got any kind of a response (again, twice).

Has anybody else run into a brick wall surrounding the AweSIM and SIMple plans?


There doesn’t seem to be much consistency as to who gets phones, refunds or responses from purism.