Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

Original pre-order Date: November 16, 2019
Pre-order transferred to me 17-Apr-2023
Order Status: Awaiting Shipment 08-May-2023
Replied 08-May-2023 confirming shipping address
Ordered spare battery 08-May-2023
Shipping notification received 09-Jun2023
DHL Import / VAT charges GBP 129.29 10-Jun-2023
Received DHL 13-Jun-2023


Order Number: #Purism_9xxxxxxx3
Order Date: February 4, 2020
Address Verification email : 12-5-2023
Order Status: : Shipped Tuesday 13th of June 2023, 08:37am
Librem 5 (L5V1) x 1 shipped via DHL on June 13, 2023
DHL Estimated Delivery Date: 19 Jun 2023
Destination country: Paraguay

Is there a L5V2 already and what is the difference with L5V1?

DHL Import / VAT charges USD 339.7

Received: Thursday June 22, 2023


No, there’s not at the moment.

Finally, my time to post has come.

Order Date: October 27, 2020
Address Verification email: May 23, 2023
Response: May 23, 2023
Shipment Notification: June 7, 2023
Received: June 13, 2023
Destination: USA

Order Date:          November 19, 2020
Verification Email:  May 23, 2023 (they asked to respond by June 06, 2023, but I missed email till June 13th and status was "Awaiting Shipment". Now I'm waiting for shipping reply.)
Invoice/Shipment:     June 21 2023 (green status - "Shipped")
Librem 5 Received:   June 23 2023
Destination Country: USA

FYI, an interesting thing, that I personally didn’t realize form confirmation email is:

For customers from outside the US: Due to international shipping
restrictions we can not ship spare batteries without a device.

Shipment notification: 2023-06-15.


It’s my time :star_struck:

Ordered: 2020-09-25
Verification email: 2023-05-23
Response: 2023-05-23
Shipment notification: 2023-06-03
Received: 2023-06-07
Custom fees: Eur186,27 (on eur822,00 L5+accessories)
Country: Italy

Phone working! Thank you Purism and Community!!


Got my 2 phones June 12th 2023!


Received: 2023-06-20


just received a couple hours ago!
June 22. 2023.

writing this with librem 5. the modem works.
many things to do and test.

Thanks Purism !


Finally it’s my turn!

Ordered: 2020-12-18
Verification email: 2023-05-26
Response: 2023-06-16
Shipment notification: 2023-06-21
Received: 2023-06-26
Country: Sweden

Phone seems to be working fine, I am very happy with this and glad that I kept waiting. It was worth it, thank you for your awesome work, people at Purism!


Forgot to post my final update, but it’s been good so far. I will need to upgrade uboot, but other than that, it’s good :slight_smile:

Ordered: August 2nd, 2019
Confirmation email: April 10th, 2023
Response: April 10th, 2023
Shipping notification: May 16th, 2023
Arrived: May 20, 2023

Country: USA


Ordered: 2020-12-10
Confirmation Email: 2023-05-23
Received: 2023-06-26
Country: USA

This was with Anti-interdiction, so it took a little longer(This is my spare).


Ordered: 2021-02-13
Confirmation Email: 2023-05-26
Response: 2023-06-04
Shipping Notification: 2023-06-22
Recieved: 2023-06-26
Country: USA



which is amazing, given that we are still working through backorders from 2.5 years ago.

A part of the user experience for the Librem 5 buyer seems to be getting your hopes up based on what Purism says, only to be disappointed later when delivery timing promises are not kept. So if they say the turn-around time should be six months for new orders now, plan for at least a year or more (maybe much more) to receive your phone.

With that said, I do at least have a high degree of confidence that you will get your phone… eventually. I got my phone after waiting almost four years for it. At this point, most other Librem 5 buyers could probably say the same. Purism does have a good track record of delivering what you order. But it may take years. And don’t ever trust Purism with any kind of money back offers. The money only goes one way, from you to Purism. Without help from government or law enforcement, I don’t think that anyone has ever received the promised refund for those who changed their mind later. When you pay your money to Purism, it’s been permanently spent unless you’re one of the few who actually get your Attorney General or other government official to contact Purism on your behalf, demanding the refund for you.

It’s too bad that Purism does not release their pre-order information to the public. Maybe every time there is light at the end of the tunnel on possibly catching up, that’s when a bunch of new people say “it’s safe for me to order now because the queue is only six months long”. Perhaps as a result, the queue expands to be several months longer at that point. If you expect to get your phone and don’t want to play this game, you could just wait until Purism announces that the Librem 5 orders are shipping out in real time as new orders are placed. Of course, you may never get a Librem 5 that way if they never catch up.

So if you know you definitely want the phone, just order it now and don’t expect to receive it any time soon or when Purism says you’re likely to get it. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I am enjoying my Librem 5 now and feel like it’s worth what I spent on it. I really really disliked the four-year wait after pre-paying. I was just too lazy to contact my Attorney General or to find some other legal means to enforce Purism’s refund policy or federal credit card purchase refund statutes. That’s probably just as well now as I am glad to have the phone now.

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I would just like to say that Purism voluntarily refunded my AweSIM payments from when their service was down.


Purism refunded my purchase Librem One because didn’t work on my iphone


You say “six months” twice:


I agree with your comments, but wish to point out that Purism is now claiming 6 weeks. And while others have characterized this as “amazing” given that they still have 2.5 years of backorders, I would have used the word “unbelievable” instead of “amazing”. :wink:

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