Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

May 26

Ordered: 09-Feb-2021
Verification email: 26-May-2023
Response: 05-June-2023
Shipment notification: TBC
Received: TBC

Accessories added to order so delivery will be delayed until payment has cleared.

Queried shipment notification and was told (not in stock 128GB SD card was delaying delivery). Readjusted order for SD drive to replace SD card (27/06/23) (Was told order adjusted and would ship within 2 day’s)
Awaiting shipment notification.


The key unknown is … sure from 2.5 years ago but how many orders to fulfill from those 2.5 years?

I can imagine that a combination of factors could have made those 2.5 years fairly thin for new Librem 5 orders

  • customer finances looking shaky as the pandemic bit
  • customers focused on problems that are more important in the hierarchy of needs (e.g. not dying)
  • Purism announcements of further delays could have encouraged potential new Librem 5 customers to sit on their hands and wait for the dust to settle.

Anyway, the purpose of this topic is for actual customers to see where backorder fulfillment is up to.

The answer right now is Feb 2021.

Edit: For absolute clarity … that is the order date that is being dealt with and does not necessarily indicate that a phone with that order date has actually been delivered or that all phones with that order date have been delivered. You can see above at post 1394 an order with date 13 Feb 2021 and delivered in June 2023. So at least one phone with order date in Feb 2021 has been delivered.

Look again in a week’s time and who knows? … with the disclaimer that not all customers report their delivery details in this topic.


They took ~2 weeks to ship all orders of a whole year. So 2.5 years would take around 5 weeks. I think 6 weeks are calculated well. That’s why I said “I can imagine that it may takes longer, but nothing longer than 10 weeks” … and I don’t even think it will be 10 weeks.


is there a Estimate your refund thread now that shipping should be almost done
here is my request for my “Refund”
Order Date: September 23, 2019
On Tuesday, April 18th, 2023 Purism Support
I have created a ticket for your order to be cancelled and refunded.
When it is being processed my colleagues from our financial department
will contact you to confirm the billing details. (which NEVER happened)
I sent another request May 9, 2023 asking if there was any progress and again I never got any response




Thanks, I wasn’t aware of the other thread. (I should have looked first.)

My device from January 2021 is still not delivered.
(email to confirm address was sent over a month ago and still no shipping.)

I doubt the ability to fulfil current orders made today within six weeks given that they are still at least 2.5 years behind on back orders and still keeping customers in the dark/not updated on when they might get their devices.

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Or you’re just forgotten and have to contact support. Read an old post of mine to understand the problem. Eikcaz was later in queue, but already got the phone.


(and technically an order from Feb 2021 above is not delivered either - as far as someone updating the post in this topic goes anyway)

You should contact Purism Support.

As a Feb 2021 order above shows, you can also hold up your own order if you order something else to go with the phone and the other thing is temporarily out of stock. Did you order anything else?

If it were my order, I would want to know what the hold up is.

I edited my post above to make it clearer what I was claiming.


From the latest Purism missive:

Librem 5 Phone approaches shipping parity and available in stock with 10 day lead time in August.

So for the lead time to reduce all the way down to “standard” 10 days it would basically mean that shipping parity should be reached some time in August, if not earlier - and this topic should then be redundant.

I guess there could be a few stragglers still to deliver e.g. failed to respond at all to email.


Order Date: 2019-12-31
Verification Email: 2023-05-08
Shipped: 2023-06-14
Received: 2023-06-20
Destination: USA


Thanks for the update!

Order Date: 2021-09-12
Verification Email: 2023-08-21
Shipped: Pending
Received: Pending
Destination: USA


Order Date: 2021-10-31
Verification Email: 2023-08-21
Shipped: Pending
Received: Pending
Destination: USA


It’s surreal, but I am moving on to the next step!

Order Date: 2021-03
Verification Email: 2023-08-21
Shipped: Pending
Received: Pending
Destination: USA


A new batch rolling out? :clap:


I recall a while back hearing something about “a big new batch next month” so this must be it coming to fruition. We shall call it Shipping Parity Day and we’ll celebrate with a huge sigh of relief.


It’s happening!

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It’s a small sample, but looks like they handle all of 2021 now. Next email batch could be the final one. Maybe shipping window is already at 20 days for new orders. We’ll see.
Wake me up when September comes/ends … :wink:


Order Date: 2021-08-06
Address verification email: 2023-06-06
Response: 2023-06-06
Shipment notification: 2023-08-23
Received: 2023-08-25
Order Status: Still says Awaiting Shipment but I’m typing this on my Librem 5 right now

Update: Received!