Estimate your Librem 5 shipping

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Same working from home. I don’t mind that part but it’s at the point where the cure is worse than the disease. I’ll leave it at that for fear of hijacking the thread.

Well it works just the same way as for any bill you would refuse to pay.

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Received today. Haven’t done anything with it yet. Will tomorrow.

  • Product order: 30 September 2017
  • Purism - shipping preparing notification: 11 March 2021
  • Purism - shipping ready notification: 19 March 2021
  • FedEx - delivery: 26 Mar 2021 - USA
  • Modem: BM818-A1

Congrats, can you tell when it started to ship? Which is the date we use to track in the table above.

Purism notified me about shipping 2021-03-19.


Was there some massive amount of orders in that September or something?

Far from catching up and heading towards order parity, it seems like clearing September 2017 has taken well over a month!


That could be true but it won’t remain true. Sep and Oct 2017 were the big months getting to the funding threshold. Eventually the order rate dropped off and there will be progress towards parity.


Based on the table in the first post of this thread there were approximately:

250 phones ordered in August 2017
1000 phones ordered in September 2017
1800 phones ordered in October 2017
100 phones ordered in November 2017
50 phones ordered in December 2017

150 phones ordered in Q1 2018
200 phones ordered in Q2 2018
400 phones ordered in Q3 2018

After that the sales numbers withered weren’t available and/or aren’t feasible to estimate.

Does 1000 constitue a “massive amount”? depends on how you define massive. Are September and October 2017 the majority of the orders and statistical outliers from the rest of the months? absolutely.

As far as shipping catching up, there have been multiple statements from purism employees that shipping will “ramp up” BUT there is also a supply shortage that may prevent that ramp up.

As a 2019 order I had hoped for a faster fulfillment rate. That however was a hope not an expectation set by purism. This far this is an instance where, as best I can tell, Purism has done an acceptable job of setting the expectation that they are shipping as fast as they reasonably can and are only sending out shipping estimates as far out as they can reasonably estimate. As such, I suspect only a fraction of the people whom ordered in October 2017 have shipping estimates currently.


I’d say just over a half million retail sales counts as big… :slight_smile:

Now I just need to not loose heart as all the October reports take what’ll feel like an eternity to come thorough!
(I finally start to understand why a few month probably sounded reasonable when they first said it!)


Is it just me, or do these forums feel like a continuous virtual AA meeting for all us Purism Junkies that can’t get our fix? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


“Hi. My name’s Bob. I’m a Libremholic…”


I’ve been thinking this has become an online role-playing campaign, in some freeform artistic way. The phone is just a McGuffin. Or possibly a sociology/marketing experiment on how long can a group of people be kept engaged. Could be both. Anyways, the production values and the commitment to the roles has been outstanding! :clown_face:


I’m not yet sure what the point is/was but I’ll add it here when I remember it. I’m sure I had one when I started to write this… :crazy_face:

Let’s make a list of all the things that have had an impact on delivery time:

  • limited options for open technology in mobile: needs some serious work (“baseline”)
  • tech needs more work than estimated: push release
  • tech needs more testing and development: “the forest tactic” of releasing test versions
  • test versions had issues: at least two component problems needed to be hunted down, fixed, re-built and re-tested
  • and about that re-building and new test versions: everything gets shut down in China for a while
  • time and general world economy take their toll: less budget for people means slower progress
  • things start to move a long… but: everyone else and their cousin want the same chips too
  • mother nature gets in on the action to make things worse: drought in TW slows chipmakers down
  • global logistics are screwed: never mind the Evergreen phone, ship, or the truck being sideways, there’s the little problem of container shortage (or rather: no containers in CN because they’re stacked in ports around the world because covid), so stuff moves around slower
  • TBC - because surely there are more things that can go wrong by way of Murphy, like:
    – someone gets hit by a bus
    – DHL gets locked and grounded due to ransomware
    – chips are delivered but can only engage 4wd and open windows (small w)
    – hurricane season is only few months away
    – a tradewar and witholding of goods for a few months
    – a kaiju attack
    – a few weeks of precautionary quarantines due to familymember’s friends being idiots
    – need to build a new 5G m.2 modem since 3G and 4G don’t exist anymore
    – EOL for a component and no apparent replacement: redesign
    – a new technology makes phones useless overnight
    – (something else)

Now estimate shipping.


Finally, Evergreen has been unstuck all over the world: I received mine!

Backing date: 27 September 2017
Shipping announcement mail: 11 March 2021
Shipping: 24 March 2021
Arrived: 29 March 2021 (Switzerland, customs + fee: CHF 66.75)
Modem: BM818-E1

it arrived today
i delayed delivery by a couple of days as it was due on the 24th

Backing date: 28 September 2017
Shipping announcement mail: 11 March 2021
Shipping: 24 March 2021
Arrived: 29 March 2021 (UK customs + fee: £92.00)
Modem: BM818-E1


I can’t ACK this. Since a week or so there have been no further devices seen here.

Maybe the Librem5s weren’t in that shipment after all. We’ll have to wait for the next ship’s run!

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